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KENDOR C is an activator for two-component adhesives. It’s a polyisocianate that reticulates natural and synthetic rubber and polyhydroxylic compounds at room temperature, increasing their resistance to external agents, and the gluing power to hard supports.

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P-Cresol is a phenol compound.It is used in phenol-formaldehyde resins,production of lubricating oils and motor fuels.

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Paraglue is a high quality Cyanoacrylates adhesive.

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Parapren is a one part gap filling adhesive, specially developed to give high bond strength and adhesion to most common building materials without the use of mechanical fixings such as nails and screws.It is ideal for use inside and outside on both porous and non porous surfaces.

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Pensel A

Pensel A is used as a pressure sensitive adhesives or hot-melt adhesives.

Pensel C

Pensel C is used as pressure sensitive adhesives or as hot-melt adhesives.

Point SR

Point SR shows good performance with superb bond strength. This is a multipurpose contact adhesive used in various number of applications. The important features are it is medium viscous and has good coverage.

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ROTOBASE is a lightweight rock fl our that is enhanced to become ultra pure through special grinding and sieving processes. It is a latent hydraulic / puzzolanic binder, that is also used as a mineral lightweight aggregate.


ROTOCELL is a lightweight and dry granulate that is enhanced to become very pure through a special grinding and sieving processes. It is used as an aggregate in the paint and dry mortar industries, as well as, a substrate in the construction chemical industries.


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