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ARI BLOCKAID additive for cement concrete blocks. ARI BLOCKAID improves the workability and compaction characteristics of cement mixes used for manufacturing blocks. It increases strength of blocks,prevents shrinkage cracks.

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ARI MRA 1 mould releasing Agent with built in corrosion inhibitor for steel shuttering and formwork. It is manufactured from refined speciality oils and blended additives, the product forms a water-resistant chemical barrier with the alkalies in concrete. It has to be applied as is without any dilution.ARI MRA 1 contains excellent concrete surface texture.

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ARI MRA 2 is a concentrated mould release agent. Smooth demoulding of concrete provides many advantages in the concrete work practice. The product is specially designed so as to offer such advantages and prolong the life of shuttering.ARI MRA 2 is very economical to use,dilutable with water and no need for diesel oil.

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ARI MRA 3 is a concentrated solution made for use on metal formwork used by the construction industry. It is a clear brownish liquid meant for quick removal of "stuck on" old concrete.ARI MRA 3 dissolves the concrete saving on manual labour,restores original smooth finish to the formwork.ARI MRA 3 can be repeatedly applied by brush on the formwork, without dilution, so as to keep the surface wet for atleast 2-3 hours.

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ARI PLAST 200 Brown liquid plasticizer and water reducing admixture for concrete conforming to ASTM C494, type A or type D.ARI PLAST 200 is used to improve the workability of concrete or to reduce the water / cement ratio in order to improve hardened concrete properties. It also acts as a water reducing and retarding admixture at higher dosages.

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ARI RUSCON is a chemical solution, which reacts with rust and converts the same into an insoluble grayish black coating. This coating protects the metal from further rusting and provides a base for application of protective paint coating. ARI RUSCON rust converter for use on structures and re-bar prior to repair. It onverts rust immediately into a protective coating.

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ARI SUPERSHOT is a synthetic smoke grey admixture in powder form. When the dry concrete mix containing Ari Supershot comes in contact with water at the gun nozzle, it instantly acts and dispersed cement particles thoroughly to produce cohesive shotcrete which can be sprayed evenly on any surface.ARI SUPERSHOT increases workability even with low water / cement ratio,produces cohesive mix,reduces rebound losses by 20% Plasticising action enables reduction of Water : Powder ratio, increasing final strength.It is mixed at the rate of 1-2 % of cement weight.

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ARIOXY MORTAR eproxy based mortars are versatile and used for many applications like lining, flooring, acid-resistant tile fixing, and for filling joints. ARIOXY MORTAR has excellent chemical resistance,bonding with concrete and masonry substrates,water resistance.

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Auracast 220A

Auracast 220A is an innovative accelerating high range water reducing/superplasticising admixture. It is a unique combination of polycarboxylate polymers which display a superior dispersion performance, specially formulated to accelerate cement hydration and increase strength development. It has been specifically engineered towards precast concrete industry for its superior high range water reducing and high strength capabilities.

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Calcium lignosulphonate exporter(feed additive lignin) hs code:3804000090

Calcium Lignosulphonate is a kind of natural anionic surface active agent processed with sulfurous acid pulping waste through advanced production technology. It can work well with other chemicals and produce early strength agent, slow setting agent, antifreeze and pumping agent . It is widely used in various concrete projects such preformed concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, especially applicable for commercial concrete, anti-freezing concrete, waterproof concrete, bulk concrete, pumping concrete, with high economic benefit.


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