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ARI PLAST 200 Brown liquid plasticizer and water reducing admixture for concrete conforming to ASTM C494, type A or type D.ARI PLAST 200 is used to improve the workability of concrete or to reduce the water / cement ratio in order to improve hardened concrete properties. It also acts as a water reducing and retarding admixture at higher dosages.

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ARI SUPERSHOT is a synthetic smoke grey admixture in powder form. When the dry concrete mix containing Ari Supershot comes in contact with water at the gun nozzle, it instantly acts and dispersed cement particles thoroughly to produce cohesive shotcrete which can be sprayed evenly on any surface.ARI SUPERSHOT increases workability even with low water / cement ratio,produces cohesive mix,reduces rebound losses by 20% Plasticising action enables reduction of Water : Powder ratio, increasing final strength.It is mixed at the rate of 1-2 % of cement weight.

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ARIOXY MORTAR eproxy based mortars are versatile and used for many applications like lining, flooring, acid-resistant tile fixing, and for filling joints. ARIOXY MORTAR has excellent chemical resistance,bonding with concrete and masonry substrates,water resistance.

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Auracast 220A

Auracast 220A is an innovative accelerating high range water reducing/superplasticising admixture. It is a unique combination of polycarboxylate polymers which display a superior dispersion performance, specially formulated to accelerate cement hydration and increase strength development. It has been specifically engineered towards precast concrete industry for its superior high range water reducing and high strength capabilities.

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MasterPel 707

MasterPel 707 is a liquid admixture for concrete to achieve high resistance to water ingress. It is based on a blend of surface active agents and refined lignosulphonate. MasterPel 707 should be used in all structural concrete that is constantly or intermittently in contact with water such as sea walls, tunnels, basements, structural and pre-cast concrete in exposed superstructures. MasterPel 707 can also be used as waterproofing cum plasticizing admixture for cement mortars and plasters.MasterPel 707 produces water tight concrete by capillaries breaking technics.

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Conplast WP400

Conplast WP400 is a hydrophobic pore-blocking waterproofing admixture. It will drastically reduce water absorption in structural and precast concrete. It is suitable for use in below ground structures, reinforced concrete in marine areas, piles, water retaining structures, manholes, waste water treatment and desalination plants. It provides integral protection, ensuring reduced permeability throughout the concrete.

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MasterFlow 150

MasterFlow 150 is a plasticised expanding admixture for cement slurry and grout. MasterFlow 150 is a powder additive which when mixed with cementitious system imparts shrinkage compensation and high flowability, pumpability to the mix. It produces controlled expansion and minimises water demand. MasterFlow 150 is a simple to use stable product for grouting post tensioned cable ducts by mixing with cement.

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MasterLife CNI

MasterLife CNI is a calcium nitrite based corrosion-inhibiting admixture for steel reinforced concrete. MasterLife CNI helps in minimising and delays corrosion of steel reinforcement and improves structure life. It provides effective corrosion protection against chlorides in concrete,extends the service life of reinforced concrete structures,set acceleration, which may be desirable in cold weather applications.

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MasterMatrix 2

MasterMatrix 2 is a ready-to-use, liquid, organic, viscosity-modifying admixture (VMA) specially developed for producing concrete with enhanced viscosity and controlled rheological properties.MasterMatrix 2 admixture exhibits superior stability and controlled bleeding characteristics, thus increasing resistance to segregation and facilitating placement.MasterMatrix 2 improves viscosity of concrete which helps to make itself consolidated and also to get anti wash out properties. MasterMatrix 2 shows increased viscosity & thixotropic properties,improved stability during transport & placing,controlled bleeding,reduced segregation, even with highly fluid mix,enhanced pumping and finishing,reduced sagging-dimensional stability.

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MasterCast 1162

MasterCast 1162 is a plasticiser liquid admixture with air entraining properties. It is ideally suited for factoryline concrete production such as block making. ‚ÄčMasterCast 1162 assists in the manufacture of a more uniform and predictable concrete. MasterCast 1162 may also be used in dry pack, standard and light weight concrete production. MasterCast 1162 is mainly for Dry or Semi dry mortars to improve cohesiveness, setting time, strength, finishes of masonary blocks, paver blocks, plasters etc.

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