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SEBACIC ACID Technical 75

Sebacic Acid and its derivatives such as azelaic acid have a variety of industrialuses as plasticizers, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, cosmetics, candles, etc. It is used in the synthesis of polyamide and alkyd resins. It is also used as an intermediate for aromatics, antiseptics and painting materials.

2,3-cichloropyridine Technical 96%

2,3-dichloropyridine CAS 2402-77-9 (D3 for short)

Appearance: white solid

Content: 95-96%

Packing:kraft paper bag

Usage: pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates 

2-(3-chlorophenoxy)-propionic acid Industrial Grade 98%

Product Name: 2-(3-Chlorophenoxy)-propionic acid

Cas No: 101-10-0


3-CHLOROPHENOXY ISOPROPIONIC ACID:cloprop; 2-(3-chlorophenoxy)propanoic acid; (2S)-2-(3-chlorophenoxy)propanoate; (2R)-2-(3-chlorophenoxy)propanoate; 2-(3-Chlorophenoxy)-propionic acid; 2-(3-CHLOROPHENOXY)PROPIONIC ACID

Structural Formula: 2-(3-Chlorophenoxy)-propionic acid 101-10-0 suppliers

Molecular Formula: C9H9ClO3

Molecular Weight: 200.62

Technical Spec.:


Quality Index


white to Off-white crystalline powder




2-(3-Chlorophenoxy)-propionic acid is a plant growth regulator for pineapple.

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2-amino-1,3-propanediol 98.0% min

2-Amino-1,3-propanediol (1,3-dihydroxy-isopropylamine, aminoglycerin or amino-trimethylenglykol) has a molecular formula of C3H9NO2 belongs to the group of amino alcohols and is prochiral. As it is a structural analogue to the amino acid serine, the common designation is serinol.

2-chloronicotinic acid Technical 99.5%

2-chloronicotinic acid(Cas no:2942-59-8)

Appearance: white crystal

Content: 99.5% min

Boiling point: 177? min

Drying loss: 0.3% max

Ignition residue: 0.2% max

6-chloronicotinic acid: 0.1% max

Conforming product specification :

Appearance: white crystal

Content: 99% min

Boiling point: 178-180? min

TCL: conform

Moisture: 0.5% max

Ash content: 0.25% max

24-epi-brassinolide Technical 90%

Brassinolide is a biologically active brassinosteroid that has important roles in regulating plant growth and development

3-(Dimethylamino)propylamine Technical 99

3-(Dimethylamino)propylamine  99%

4,5,6-trifluoro-pyrimidine,CAS 17573-78-3

What is 4,5,6-Trifluoropyrimidine? 4,5,6 trifluoropyrimidine is a Halogenated Heterocyclesan. It is a building block and intermediate that is very valuable in the synthesis of new fungicide. The study of its preparation and feasible development process for industrial manufacturing is very meaningful for practice. Preparation of 4,5,6-trifluoro-pyrimidine Use 4,6-dichloro-5-fluorine pyrimidine as a raw material and reacting under ordinary pressure with a fluorinated reagent, a phase-transfer catalyst and a high-polarity aprotic solvent. The advantages of the preparation method are that the reaction process conditions are simple, the reaction temperature is low, the reaction time is short, and the production cost is low because that reaction under ordinary pressure exempts the reaction from high-pressure equipment. More importantly, the yield of the obtained product is as high as more than 80% and the purity can be higher than 97%. By contrast, in the method reported by German Price Cech, Macho Stewart, only raw materials are used and 4,5,6-trifluoropyrimidine is prepared directly by a one-step reaction. However, the process conditions are harsh. The reaction requires high pressure, high reaction temperature, and special catalyst. The catalyst is very unstable in air and an inert gas needs to be used. 4,5,6-trifluoro-pyrimidine can be prepared from diethyl fluoromalonate or dimethyl fluoromalonate.

5--2,3-pyridinedicarboxylic acid diethyl esteryl 95%

5-ethylpridine-2,3-dicarboxylic acid diethyl ester CAS 105151-39-1

Appearance: pale brown liquid

Content: 95.0% min


Usage: intermediate to produce imazethapyr 

5-ChloroValeric acid Technical 98.5%

We are one of World leading manufacturer with ISO Cert. of 5-Chlorovaleric acid.


Appearance:clear colorless liquid                                                    

CAS No: 1119-46-6 

Assay: 99% min.


Molecular weight:136.58

Synonmys: 5-CVA, 5-Chloropentanoic acid


Transport info:UN 3265 HAZARD CLASS 8 Packing Group: II

Storage: Room temperature, tight from air 


Packaging: 200kg/plastic drum or on request        

Application:intermediate for pharmaceuticals and pesticides                

Melting point: 18?

Boiling point: 136?/14mmHg