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trans-Zeatin Riboside Technical 99%

trans-Zeatin riboside is a cytokinin that is the most active. It supports cell division, shoot growth and suppresses root formation.

2,3-cichloropyridine Technical 96%

2,3-dichloropyridine CAS 2402-77-9 (D3 for short)

Appearance: white solid

Content: 95-96%

Packing:kraft paper bag

Usage: pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates 

5-ChloroValeric acid Technical 98.5%

We are one of World leading manufacturer with ISO Cert. of 5-Chlorovaleric acid.


Appearance:clear colorless liquid                                                    

CAS No: 1119-46-6 

Assay: 99% min.


Molecular weight:136.58

Synonmys: 5-CVA, 5-Chloropentanoic acid


Transport info:UN 3265 HAZARD CLASS 8 Packing Group: II

Storage: Room temperature, tight from air 


Packaging: 200kg/plastic drum or on request        

Application:intermediate for pharmaceuticals and pesticides                

Melting point: 18?

Boiling point: 136?/14mmHg                               

Propyl dihydrojasmonate Technical 95%

Prohydrojasmon can be used on grapes, apples to make color improvement, also increase sugar content, and advance maturity date.

sodium molybdate dihydrate CP 99% min

Tirupati Industries (India) Limited manufactures high quality SODIUM MOLYBDATE in various grades Commercial, LR, AR. 

The product can also be customized to the specific requirements of our customers. 

Medical Salicylic acid USP 99.0-100.5%

Medical Salicylic Acid


Annual output: 4000 MT

Chemical name: Benzoic acid,-2hydroxcy

Molecular formula: C7H6O3

CAS: 69-72-7

Molecular weight: 138.12

EINECS: 200-712-3

HS Code29182110

Structure formula:

Standard: BP/USP/EP/CP/JP

Physical and Chemical Properties: White crystal or crystal powders, and sweets first and then hot, no chemical changes in the air. Atmospherically sublimation temperature over 76oC.Easily to decarboxylate and change into phenol and dioxide when heated atmospherically, and its aqueous solution appears acid reaction, becomes purple with FeCL3.Slightly dissolves in water but dissolves in boiling water easily. Dissolves in the ethanol or ether and slightly soluble in chloroform.


Appearance: White crystal or crystal powders

Clarity and color of solution: Meet the requirement.

Loss of drying: ≤0.5%

Sulfate ash: ≤0.1%

Assay: 99.0-100.5%

Moisture: ≤0.40%

Heavy metals: ≤20ppm

Sulfate: ≤200ppm

M.P.: ≥158oC

Phenol: ≤0.10%

Usage: Medicine of disinfection and antiseptic for dissolving skin cutin hyperplasia and skin mould infection.



25kg / kraft bag or fibre drum

25kg / package with paper or polyethylene bag inside

1 MT = 40 Packages

Packing size: 50*80cm / kraft bag; 36*40 cm / fibre drum

Capacity / 20"FCL:

Without pallet: 20 MT / 800 Bag , 1.6CBM/MT;  15 MT / 600 Drum, 2.1CBM / MT

with pallet: 18 MT / 720 Bag , 11 .25MT / 450 Drum

Our company may produce and pack according to customer's requirement.


2-chloronicotinic acid Technical 99.5%

2-chloronicotinic acid(Cas no:2942-59-8)

Appearance: white crystal

Content: 99.5% min

Boiling point: 177? min

Drying loss: 0.3% max

Ignition residue: 0.2% max

6-chloronicotinic acid: 0.1% max

Conforming product specification :

Appearance: white crystal

Content: 99% min

Boiling point: 178-180? min

TCL: conform

Moisture: 0.5% max

Ash content: 0.25% max

3-(Dimethylamino)propylamine Technical 99

3-(Dimethylamino)propylamine  99%

4,5,6-trifluoro-pyrimidine,CAS 17573-78-3

What is 4,5,6-Trifluoropyrimidine? 4,5,6 trifluoropyrimidine is a Halogenated Heterocyclesan. It is a building block and intermediate that is very valuable in the synthesis of new fungicide. The study of its preparation and feasible development process for industrial manufacturing is very meaningful for practice. Preparation of 4,5,6-trifluoro-pyrimidine Use 4,6-dichloro-5-fluorine pyrimidine as a raw material and reacting under ordinary pressure with a fluorinated reagent, a phase-transfer catalyst and a high-polarity aprotic solvent. The advantages of the preparation method are that the reaction process conditions are simple, the reaction temperature is low, the reaction time is short, and the production cost is low because that reaction under ordinary pressure exempts the reaction from high-pressure equipment. More importantly, the yield of the obtained product is as high as more than 80% and the purity can be higher than 97%. By contrast, in the method reported by German Price Cech, Macho Stewart, only raw materials are used and 4,5,6-trifluoropyrimidine is prepared directly by a one-step reaction. However, the process conditions are harsh. The reaction requires high pressure, high reaction temperature, and special catalyst. The catalyst is very unstable in air and an inert gas needs to be used. 4,5,6-trifluoro-pyrimidine can be prepared from diethyl fluoromalonate or dimethyl fluoromalonate.

Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA) Technical 99 %

MONOCHLOROACETIC ACID (MCA) (ClCH2CO2H) is a colorless or white crystalline solid, highly hygroscopic, sharp odor, inflammable, soluble in water and common organic solvent.

MCA is organochlorine compound is a useful building-block in organic synthesis.

SYNONYMS: Chloroacetic acid, Chloroethanoic acid, Monochloroethanoic acid, MCAA, MCA.

IUPAC NAME:  Chloroacetic acid

SYSTEMATIC IUPAC NAME:  Chloroethanoic acid


EC NUMBER: 201-178-4




Appearance:Colorless or White crystals

Solubility:Soluble in water & common organic solvents such as Methanol, Acetone, Diethyl Ether, Benzene, Chloroform, Ethanol

Molecular Weight:94.50

Melting Point:63 °C

Boiling Point:189 °C

Specific Gravity:1.37

Setting Point:61 °C to 62.5 °C

Highly Hygroscopic, Sharp Odor (Pungent), Inflammable, Toxic & Corrosive


Chemical formula:C2H3ClO2

Monochloroacetic Acid:99.00% Min

Dichloroacetic Acid:0.50% Max

Other Acid:0.50% Max


25Kg or 50 Kg HDPE Bags with double inner LDPE liner.

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