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sodium molybdate dihydrate CP 99% min

Tirupati Industries (India) Limited manufactures high quality SODIUM MOLYBDATE in various grades Commercial, LR, AR. 

The product can also be customized to the specific requirements of our customers. 

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trans-Zeatin Riboside Technical 99%

trans-Zeatin riboside is a cytokinin that is the most active. It supports cell division, shoot growth and suppresses root formation.

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trans-zeatin Technical 99%

Trans-Zeatin is a plant cytokinin that induces cell division and shoot formation. It also enables plants to better manage environmental stress.

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tributylamine Technical 99.5%

Physical properties:

Molecular Formular: C12H27N                 Structural Formular: (C4H9)3N

Molecular Wt.: 185.36              4℃: 0.79

Liquid Density g/ml at 20℃:0.78              Boiling Point ℃:212.63

Colour(APHA)Max:30                      Flash Point ℃:‹72.50



Tri-n-butylamine,         Min by wt. 99.5 

Mono-n-butylamine       Max by wt. 0.1  

Di-n-butylamine          Max by wt. 0.1  

n-butanol.               Max by wt. 0.1  

Water,                  Max by wt. 0.1  

APHA,PPmPT          Max by 20


Application Areas:

Used to produce rubber accelerator, pesticides, alkylalkanolamines,

corrosion in-hibitor chemicals, catalyst for thermoplasticals,

tetrabuty 1 urea,lube oil additives etc.


Health and Safety:

Avoid contacting with skin or eyes. Avoid breathing of vapors.

Handing in well ventilated work space . Empty containers may contain explosive vapors.

Flush empty containers with water to removed residual flammable liquid and vapors.

Smoking in area is prohibited. Label empty tank cars “Dangerous Empty”. Avoid using in

any spray application without strict conformance to all application electrical codes.



150 kg net wt.In Mild Steel Drums.


IMDG Class: Class 8

Packing Group as per IMO:Ⅱ

     UN NO: 2542

" > Mild Steel Drums.



IMDG Class: Class 8(3)

Packing Group as per IMO:Ⅱ

     UN NO: 2248


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