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BC Antifoam FD50K

BC Antifoam FD50K is a highly effective silicone based antifoam emulsion developed for use in the food industry as a processing aid. Antifoam FD50K has been especially formulated for export markets requiring a concentrated form of silicone antifoam emulsion.

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ULTRA-FOAMEX 12 K is a very effective defoaming agent for fermentation process like Sorbitol production, yeast, MSG and Methanol processes.

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BC Antifoam 86/013

Antifoam BC 86/013 is a combination silicone/non-silicone antifoam compound developed for use in the food industry.

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BC Antifoam FD20PK

BC Antifoam FD20PK is a highly effective silicone based antifoam emulsion, which has been developed for brewing, food processing and other applications where a quick knockdown of foam is required.

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Dimethyl Polysiloxane

Polydimethylsiloxane belongs to a group of polymeric organosilicon compounds that are commonly referred to as silicones. It is the most widely used silicon-based organic polymer, and is particularly known for its unusual rheological properties. is optically clear, and, in general, is considered to be inert, non-toxic and non-flammable. Its applications range from contact lenses and medical devices to elastomers; it is present, also, in shampoos, caulking, lubricating oils, and heat-resistant tiles.

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Anhydrous Citric Acid Purified 99%

Anhydrous Citric Acid 

Product name: Citric Acid Anhydrous


1,2,3-Tricarboxy-2-hydroxypropane;2-hydroxypropanetricarboxylicacid;acidecitrique;Aciletten;Anhydrous citric acid;anhydrouscitricacid;beta-Hydroxytricarballylic acid;beta-hydroxytricarballylicacid

Usage: Used as food additive

Molecular formula: C6H8O7

Cas no.: 77-92-9

Appearance: colorless or white crystal

Assay: 99.0%min

Moisture: ≤0.5%


BP98/E330/USP24/FCC Citric Acid Anhydrous99.0%MIN Food Additive Cas 77-92-9

Cas no.: 77-92-9

Appearance: colorless or white crystal


Used as food additive.




ammonium bicarbonate FOOD GRADE ?99

Founded in 1999, we are famous factory of Ammonium bicarbonate food grade in china,our annual production is more than 6 million tons.
Our product is Certificated by Kosher and Halal, meanwhile we do all product according to ISO. and the quality is approved by SGS.
Property: white monoclinic crystal or rhombic crystal,relative density is 1.573, not dissolve in ethanol, carbon dioxide and strong ammonia;easy to dissolve in water and glycerin. It is not stable in the air. It will decompose alkaline air,carbon dioxide and water when heated.
Molecular Formula : NH4HCO3
Molecule Weight :  79.0054
CAS NO.:  1066-33-7
Appearance : White Free Flowing Crystal .
 It is a white powder crystal that can make baking food such as bread, biscuit etc. It can be vacuolated rapidly and used in chemical materials such as polyacrylamide, zirconium carbonate and magnetic, producing electronics component that can improve the quality.


hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Technical 99%

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) are widely used in construction,pharmaceutical,food,paints, cosmetic,detergent ,as thickener, emulsifier, film-former, binder, dispersing agent, protective colloids.We can provide the regular grade HPMC, we also can provide modified HPMC according to customer requirements. After modified and surface treatment, we can get the goods which is dispersed in water quickly, lengthen open time, anti-sagging, etc.
Appearance White or off-white powder
Methoxy ( % ) 19.0~ 24.0
Hydroxypropoxy ( % ) 4.0 ~ 12.0
pH 5.0~ 7.5
Moisture ( % ) ≤ 5.0
Residue on ignition ( % ) ≤ 5.0
Gelling temperature ( ℃ ) 70~ 90
Particle size min.99% pass through 100 mesh
Typical grade Viscosity
(NDJ, mPa.s, 2%) Viscosity
(Brookfield, mPa.s, 2%)
HPMC MP400 320-480 320-480
HPMC MP60M 48000-72000 24000-36000
HPMC MP100M 80000-120000 40000-55000
HPMC MP150M 120000-180000 55000-65000
HPMC MP200M 160000-240000 Min70000
HPMC MP60MS 48000-72000 24000-36000
HPMC MP100MS 80000-120000 40000-55000
HPMC MP150MS 120000-180000 55000-65000
HPMC MP200MS 160000-240000 Min70000
Construction Applications:
Tile Adhesive
•Good water retention: prolonged opening time will make tiling more efficient.
•Improved adhesion and sliding resistance: especially for heavy tiles.
•Better workability: lubricity and plasticity of plaster is ensured, mortar can be applied easier and quicker.
Cement Plaster / Dry mix mortar
•Easy dry mix formula due to cold water solubility: lump formation can be easily avoided, ideal for heavy tiles.
•Good water retention: prevention of fluid loss to the substrates, the appropriate water content is kept in mixture which guarantees longer concreting time.
•Increased water demand: increased open time, expanded spry area and more economical formulation.
•Easier spreading and improved sagging resistance due to improved consistency.
Wall putty
•Water retention: maximized water content in slurry.
•Anti-sagging: when spreading a thicker coat corrugation can be avoided.
•Increased mortar yield: depending on the weight of the dry mixture and appropriate formulation
HPMC can increase the mortar volume.
Exterior Insulation and Finish System ( EIFS )
•Improved adhesion.
•Good wetting ability for EPS board and substrate.
•Reduced air entrancement and water uptake.
•Protection from water exudation and material sedimentation.
•No effect on slurry fluidity with low viscosity
HPMC, while its water retention characteristics improve the finish performance on the surface.
Crack Filler
·Better workability: proper thickness and plasticity.
·Water retention ensures prolonged work time.
·Sag resistance: improved mortar bonding ability.

magnesium oxide purified ?99 FOOD GRADE 100



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