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Hexachlorophene is a chlorinated bisphenol antiseptic with a bacteriostatic action against Gram-positive organisms, but much less effective against Gram-negative organisms. It is mainly used in soaps and creams and is an ingredient of various preparations used for skin disorders.It is a detergent cleanser, is an antibacterial sudsing emulsion for topical administration. It is a bacteriostatic cleansing agent. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and has bacteriostatic action against staphylococci and other gram-positive bacteria.Hexachlorophene primary mechanism of action of hexachlorophene, based on studies with Bacillus megatherium, is to inhibit the membrane-bound part of the electron transport chain, respiratory D-lactate dehydrogenase. It induces leakage, causes protoplast lysis, and inhibits respiration.

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Oxytetracycline is used to control fire blight of pear and bacterial spot of peach and nectarine.It was the second of the broad-spectrum tetracycline group of antibiotics to be discovered.It works by interfering with the ability of bacteria to produce proteins that are essential to them.Oxytetracycline therefore stops the spread of the infection and the remaining bacteria are killed by the immune system or eventually die.It sed to treat infections caused by chlamydia,infections caused by mycoplasma organisms,acne,flare-ups of chronic bronchitis

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Sulphaguanidine is a sulfanilamide anti-infective agent. It has a spectrum of antimicrobial action.It is used to treat bacillary dysentery,also as raw material of sulfadiazine drugs,as auxiliary material for other drugs.

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1H-Phenothiazine is used as an antihelminthic in livestock.It is used as a chemical stabilizer or inhibitor.

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4-Nitroimidazole is an imidazole derivative that contains a nitro group. Several derivatives of nitroimidazole constitute the class of nitroimidazole antibiotics that have been used to combat anaerobic bacterial and parasitic infections.

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Abacavir Sulfate

Abacavir Sulfate is a synthetic carbocyclic nucleoside analogue with inhibitory activity against HIV-1. It is an important antiretroviral drug which is a guanosin analogue and nucleosidal reverse transcriptase inhibitor. It does not completely eliminate HIV from the body or totally restore the immune system.

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Colistin Sulfate

Colistin Sulfate is a stable micro-granulated antibiotic growth promoter for animals.It is effective on prevention and treatment of enteric disease caused by bacteria.Its effect mechanism is to block cell membrane selective permeation function. Thus, it is very effective on killing enteric pathogenic bacteria, but hard to produce drug resistance.

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Oxacillin Sodium

Oxacillin Sodium is a semisynthetic antibiotic substance derived from 6-amino-penicillanic acid, which falls into the penicillinase-resistant penicillin drug class. Oxacillin sodium is used to treat infections, often staph infections.

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Sulfadimethoxine is a sulfonamide antibiotic. It is used to treat many infections including treatment of respiratory, urinary tract, enteric, and soft tissue infections. It is most frequently used in veterinary medicine. Sulfadimethoxine inhibits bacterial synthesis of folic acid from para-aminobenzoic acid. It is also commonly used for the treatment of coccidiosis in many species.

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Sulfamethoxazole is a sulfonamide bacteriostatic antibiotic. Its primary activity is against susceptible forms of Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Haemophilus influenzae, and oral anaerobes. It is commonly used to treat urinary tract infections. In addition it can be used as an alternative to amoxicillin-based antibiotics to treat sinusitis. It can also be used to treat toxoplasmosis and it is the drug of choice for Pneumocystis pneumonia, which affects primarily patients with HIV.

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