Antidegradants – antidegradants include antioxidant, antiozonants deter rubber aging


60% Aquanox LSN-TF Emulsion

60% Aquanox LSN-TF Emulsion is a synergistic mixture of Antioxidant L and a Thioester.It is used in protection of carboxylated SBR latex for textile and specialty applications, and as a antidegredant for use in polymer latices.

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Styrenated Phenols Technical 99%

Properties Specifications:  
APPEARANCE Light yellow transparent stickiness liquid  
CHROMA ≤ 2  
LOSS ON DRYING  (105°C×2h),%,m/m, ≤         1.2max  
VISCOSITY (25°C CP)              3000-5000  
DENSITY 1.075-1.088  
TRANSMITTANCE %  425nm   /     500nm   96min / 98min  
REFRACTIVE INDEX( 25 °C) 1.5990-1.6015


N-(1,3 -Dimethylbutyl)-N-Phenyl-P-Phenylenediamine

N-(1,3 -Dimethylbutyl)-N-Phenyl-P-Phenylenediamine is excellent for dynamic and intermittent ozone resistance; SBR stabilizer; monomer polymerization inhibitor. Provides flex fatigue and oxidation resistance even at low concentrations.

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