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ACUCOOL 2301 is a high performance non-ionic surface active agent biodispersant with additional antifoam scientifically formulated for the treatment of cooling water systems including re-circulating and once-through cooling systems. ACUCOOL 2301 improves the performance of cooling systems, where fouling by microbiological slimes is reducing efficiency, by removing and dispersing the deposits. ACUCOOL 2301 is particularly effective when used in conjunction with chlorine and or bromine based biocides and is ideally suited to be dosed with sodium hypochlorite for cooling tower cleaning and disinfection procedures and legionella control activities.ACUCOOL 2301 is effective in both re-circulating and once-through cooling systems.

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Accepta 2326

Accepta 2326 is an excellent sulphite based product suitable for agricultural use.

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Accepta 2586

Accepta 2586 is a superior quality antifoam.It is used for steam boilers and is used to prevent boiler water carryover.

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Accepta 2594

Accepta 2594 is a glycol based general purpose antifoam to be used in secondary treatment or final effluent in a wastewater treatment plant. It can also used as a defoamer and is effective over a broad pH range.

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Accepta 2801

Accepta 2801 is a high performance silicone based antifoam developed for cooling systems, process water applications and effluent treatment.

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Accepta 2903

Accepta 2903 is a high performance antifoam suitable for use in sugar beet applications and in used as an defoaming agent.

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TRANS-1030 D

TRANS-1030 D is a water-based, silicone emulsions (as polydimethylsiloxane) designed to control foam in a variety of aqueous industrial applications.It eliminate and prevent quick dispersibility, slight insolubility, relative stability, and a high degree of spreadability in the foaming system.

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Chemtreat 652

Chemtreat 652 is a silicone based general purpose antifoam formulated for foam suppression in boilers, cooling towers and effluent plants. It is effective at very low concentration levels, it is readily dispersed in water and is effective over a wide range of conditions.

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LUMA-ANTIFOAM is a silicon based antifoam/defoamer.It is added to water before mixing chemicals effectively controls foam in most chemical, water and oil mixtures.It eliminate waste of chemicals,controls foam in chemical, water and oil based mixtures,reduces mixing time.

Tramfloc 1101

Tramfloc 1101 is stable in acid, alkaline or neutral systems.It is used in textiles, paper coatings, size mixes, printing ink manufacturing, wastewater ponds, and sewage systems.It is a very stable product.

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