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What are Antifreeze & Coolant Agents?

An Antifreezing or a coolant agents are yellow or green liquid that lowers the freezing point and increase the boiling point of any water based liquid. Antifreeze raises the boiling point of engine coolant to prevent overheating. Automotive industry buy Anifreeze and collant agents to keep the radiators of the vehicles from freezing and overheating. Antifreezing agents also protects engine from corrosion, and supports heat transfer.


Types of Antifreeze & Coolant Agents

- Industrial coolants: An industrial coolant soaks up heat from the machine or engine and dissipates it through a radiator or other devices. Industrial coolants are also called as antifreeze liquids, that are usually a blend of propylene or ethylene glycol with water mixed in an equal ratio. Industries buy antifreeze and coolants which also protect the passenger compartment of a vehicle warm. Anti-freeze mixtures are further resistant to very low and high temperature. These liquids are a concentrated product which is based on glycol with some corrosion inhibitors and other additives. Anti-freeze liquids are weakened in different scale with additives to produce industrial coolants of various grades.

- Synthetic coolants: Metal working industries buy Synthetic coolants with metalworking fluid concentrations that contain no mineral oil. It is mixed with water, forming a clear fluid. Synthetics have exceptional cooling properties and run very clean offering a long life. They enhance system life by giving superior corrosion protection, outstanding lubricity, and at high temperature stability. Sythentic coolants are added to water, to form a translucent film which provides cooling, lubricity and corrosion protection. Synthetics bid a cleaner metalworking operation at high temperature machining and grinding operation.

- Semi-synthetic coolants: Semi-synthetic coolants are used as metalworking fluid concentrates which contains a lesser amount of oil as well as synthetic lubricants and other additives. After mixing with water, they develop a translucent fluid. Semi-synthetics combine the physical lubricity of soluble oils with the chemical lubricity, high cooling power and performance.


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