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Naugalube 750

Naugalube 750 is a mixed butyl, octyl diphenylamine antioxidant for use in lubricants formulated with mineral and synthetic base stocks. Naugalube 750 can be used in a broad range of lubricants for transport and industrial applications.

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Naugalube AMS

Naugalube AMS is a high molecular weight amine antioxidant which provides excellent oxidation stability to both mineral oils and synthetic fluids. Its features include low volatility and high purity. Naugalube AMS has show applicability in automatic transmission fluids, diesel engine oils and industrial oils.

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Naugalube APAN

Naugalube APAN is a powerful, long lasting, low sludging antioxidant, which provides excellent stability in a wide range of petroleum products. It is especially cost effective antioxidant in service applications for turbine oils, compressor oils and hydraulic oils, where low color and longevity is desired. Naugalube APAN has all of the inherent properties of an antioxidant including excellent free radical scavenging abilities in a wide variety of base stocks including mineral, hydro-treated, synthetic, and vegetable oils.

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Naugalube TMQ

Naugalube TMQ is an especially effective antioxidant in ester containing fluids and grease formulations. It can be easily incorporated into gear oils, turbine oils, hydraulic fluids compressor oils and greases. Naugalube TMQ provides good protection against degradation due to heat and oxygen. Naugalube TMQ may used in combination with other antioxidants such as alkylated diphenylamines and/or hindered phenolics.

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boron carbide Purified >99.62%

About Songshan Super fine Powder(<0.5 micro meter)
Total B:77.81-77.92%   Free B:0.09-0.45%  Total C:20.78-20.94% Free C:0.15-0.67%
B2O3:0.06-0.19%  Fe2O3:0.02-0.11%  
Boron Compounds:77.36-78.83%  Carbide Compounds:20.11-20.79%
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