Antioxidants areneutralizers free radicals human body


sodium erythorbate FOOD GRADE 99%

sodium erythorbate is a food ingredient widly used predominantly in meats, poultry and soft drinks. It is widely used as a anti-xideant and oxygen scavenger. Sodium Erythorbate inhibits the change of falvor and color in food when wxposed to air. It is a reducing agent in industrial sector like as developing agent in photographic applications.

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zeolites FOOD GRADE

Oxygen scavenger packets protect packaging from mold, mildew, oxygen, moisture. Pharmaceuticals basic properties and qualities like color, taste etc. remains as they are. They are harmless and 3 time its weight in oxygen. 

We are expertise in manufacturing highly efficient oxygen scavenger packets as the power desiccant agents to adsorb the oxygen from range of pharmaceuticals.

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