Buy rubber antioxidants prevents rubber from aging due oxidation in air



4-tert-Butylcatechol is an organic chemical compound which is a derivative of catechol. It is added as a stabilizer and an inhibitor of polymerization to butadiene, styrene, vinyl acetate and other reactive monomer streams. Also used as a stabilizer in the manufacture of polyurethane foam. It also can be used as an antioxidant for synthetic rubber, polymers and oil derivatives. It can be used as purification agent for aminoformate catalysts.

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Antioxidant DTPD (3100)

Antioxidant DTPD (3100) which can be classified in p-phenlene antioxidants groups, is excellent antiozonant to chloroprene rubber. It is the effective antioxidant used in the tire industry and also widely used for rubber products. It is particularly suitable for truck tire, cross country tire, diagonal tire and radial ply tire which is used in hard circumstance. Antioxidant DTPD (3100) can also correct the fault that tire become red on the account of antioxidant 4010 and 4020.

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Octylated Diphenylamine

Octylated Diphenylamine is a medium activity, amine-type antioxidant for general-purpose elastomer use.It is antioxidant for NR, SBR, NBR and CR. It has good protective character to heat, oxygen, flexing and crazing, and is efficient to rubber whether used together with carbon black. It has obvious thermal brittleness resistance in CR, and can increase its protective character to ozone aging. It is also used as Antioxidant and corrosion inhibitor in silane and synthetic lubricants,and as a general-purpose nonblooming antidegradant in both black and non-black stocks, and in latex applications.

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Rubber Antioxidant SP-P

Rubber Antioxidant SP-P is a pollution-free antioxidant for natural and synthetic rubbers, which is used in white and light-colored rubber compounds to avoid the aging of rubber products.

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50% Aquanox L Dispersion

50% Aquanox L is a highly active non-staining antioxidant.It is used in Solid SBR and Carboxylated SBR latex, Nitrile butadiene rubber latex, General rubber.

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N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine is used as an antioxidant in various rubbers and lubrication oils. It is also used as an itermediate for vulcanization accelerators, dyes and other organic chemicals.

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