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VEMOZYMЕ PHL is a well-balanced mixture of specially selected lipases and phospholipases, designed especially for bakery applications. The main effect of Vemozymе PHL is replacement or considerable reduction of emulsifiers such as DATEM, SSL and CSL.

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VERON Special

VERON Special is bacterial xylanase product. In combination with fungal amylase VERON M4, VERON Special exhibits excellent baking performance and dough properties. It produces stable, fluffy dough and voluminous loaves of bread with a soft, elastic crumb. Veron Special is used as a processing aid in the first steps of the baking process, and is deactivated during the baking step by the heat of the oven.

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VERON xTender

VERON xTender is the next generation maltogenic amylase preparation that works by breaking down the flour starch in a highly effective enzymatic reaction thus providing crumb softness over a longer period of time, improved elasticity and freshness, and an extra tender crumb texture compared to previously available maltogenic amylase products. VERON xTender helps bread improver companies to meet the ever rising demands of bakery customers and support them in their key challenges which include innovation, building consumer brand loyalty and providing sustainable and carbon-footprint-friendly solutions. VERON xTender fully meets these final consumers’ key expectations and will allow your bakery customers to reach a whole new level of bread softness, freshness and tenderness all of which are key differentiators in helping them to build brand loyalty.

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VERON Oxibakes

VERON Oxibakes serves as a natural oxidizing system cross linking the protein network by creation of additional disulphur-links. VERON Oxibakes increases dough elasticity and show increased fermentation tolerance.

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ENZECO CATALASE is an enzyme preparation specific to the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide. It is available in textile grade and in food grade.

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VEMOZYMЕ X Plus is a xylanase/hemicellulase enzyme. It improves wheat gluten network elasticity by acting on soluble and insoluble pentosans in the flour during dough processing. VEMOZYMЕ X Plus represents good alternative of dough conditioning emulsifiers and could be used alone or in combination with the latter.

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VERON Amylofresh

VERON Amylofresh is an economic Amylase preparation for improved freshness of baked goods (e.g. bread, donuts, brioche) by improving crumb softness and creating a “freshly baked” mouth feel. It has demonstrated good performance in sweet baked goods such as donuts, muffins, sponge cakes and croissants to name but a few.

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VERON Hyperbake-T

VERON Hyperbake-T is our powerful dough strengthening lipase preparation, which is used to create a dough stabilizing and improvement effect in bread improvers and allows for “enzyme only” formulations. Using VERON Hyperbake-T allows creation of more economic and competitive bread improver formulations. VERON Hyperbake-T ensures dry and fluffy doughs with excellent machinability, improved dough and fermentation stability. The baking volume also significantly increases and the crumb shows an attractive regular pore structure and brighter colour.

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ENZECO ACID UREASE hydrolyzes residual urea in wines to prevent conversion of the urea and ethanol to ethyl carbamate. It is used primarily in wines that are baked or otherwise exposed to heat for an extended time. It is also useful in wine when urea levels exceed 5 ppm.

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ENZECO PECTINASE PX is a special pectolytic enzyme product with high polygalacturonase activity for viscosity and increasing yields of apple & grape pressing. It provides selective action on soluble pectin as a first stage treatment in mash to increase separation without slowing down drainage.

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