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VERON TG serves as a strong protein crosslinking enzyme. Unlike the action of oxidases the action of transglutaminase is irreversible. VERON TG dough strengthening enzymes are used as processing aids and unfold their effect in the first steps of the baking process and are deactivated during the baking step by the heat of the oven.

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VERON W is a special proteinase preparation with xylanase activity for fast liquid action of gluten in wafer batters. It reduces the batter viscosity thereby the water content can often be reduced by 10% as compared with untreated batter. VERON W considerable savings in energy and improved quality and production safety.

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VERON xTender

VERON xTender is the next generation maltogenic amylase preparation that works by breaking down the flour starch in a highly effective enzymatic reaction thus providing crumb softness over a longer period of time, improved elasticity and freshness, and an extra tender crumb texture compared to previously available maltogenic amylase products. VERON xTender helps bread improver companies to meet the ever rising demands of bakery customers and support them in their key challenges which include innovation, building consumer brand loyalty and providing sustainable and carbon-footprint-friendly solutions. VERON xTender fully meets these final consumers’ key expectations and will allow your bakery customers to reach a whole new level of bread softness, freshness and tenderness all of which are key differentiators in helping them to build brand loyalty.

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Vemozymе FA

Vemozymе FA is a fungal alpha-amylase enzyme. Vemozymе FA is widely used for improvement of flours used for bakery applications when flours do not have enough alpha amylase.Addition of Vemozymе FA results in good crumb structure and high volume, due to the continuous production of low molecular weight dextrins.Vemozymе FA is inactivated during the baking process.

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Veron Rye

Veron Rye is a dough stabilizing baking enzyme used in cases where high proportions of fibres in rye interfere with the balanced ratio of starch, glutens and pentosans in the dough and reduce baking capacity. This cellulase preparation for rye bread production is used in order to obtain dry and process-ready dough properties, with an excellent fermentation stability. Veron Rye will increase baking volume significantly.

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