Beverage Additives provides taste, color, coolness, refreshing sensation, brisk intense sensation


Litesse Ultra

Litesse Ultra is a polydextrose powder. It is used can be used in developing transparent beverages. It can be used for sugar-free and reduced-calorie confections, chocolates, baked goods and a variety of other applications.

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Majorbenton B

Majorbenton B is an oenological bentonite containing 90% of montmorillonite, particular clay composed by silicon oxide and aluminium, which possesses the same characteristics of purity required by Codex Oenologique International. It displays a great adsorbing power, producing a high deproteinization and stabilizing power. It produces a quick coagulation with compact deposits well adhering to the bottom of the tank and therefore easy to eliminate. Majorbenton B can be employed on both musts and wines, as it prevents proteic clouding and selectively adsorbs foreign elements, harmful to the forming wine. Majorbenton B clears wines at the end of the fermentation, improving their smell and gustative sensations, as it protects aromatic molecules developing in the fermentative process and eliminates the amino-acids responsible for the earth-like taste, above all in wines obtained by grapes produced in warm climates. Majorbenton B acts as a proteic stabilizer.

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natamycin --

Natamycin are effective anti-microbial agents. Using Natamycin as food preservatives can:

 Enhance the quality of food product, and significantly extend the shelf life of foods by preventing yeast and mould
 Reduce product being recalled resulting from spoilage (and reduces manufacturing costs)
 Replace or partial replace chemical preservatives and meet consumer demand for food preserved with natural
 Have no adverse flavour to foods
 Have stronger inhibitability compared to sorbic acid
 Prevent formation of potentially carcinogenic mycotoxins
 Cover a very broad spectrum of activity -- most yeasts and moulds are sensitive to very low levels of the preservative
(<1 - 20 ppm)
 Do not act against bacteria .This makes it useful for food products such as cheese and dry sausages in which bacteria
are key to the ripening process
 Remain on food surface for a long time where contamination usually occurs
 Be proven to be a safe antimycotic agent.


Ellagitan Chene

Ellagitan Chene is highly prized ellagic tannin deriving from the extraction of oak wood essences in water at moderate temperatures: this respectful method enables to obtain particularly gentle compounds, which are then dried through atomization. Ellagitan Chene forms the ethanal necessary for binding the anthocyanins to the proanthocyanidins and successfully captures the free radicals which cause wine oxidation. It is particularly indicated to stabilize color, mellow astringency, preserve and highlight varietal aromatic nuances, without bringing excessive boisee notes. Ellagitan Chene can be used both at the end of fermentation and at every racking, and during refinement when it is important to guide the oxygen action by using compounds increasing wine resistance to oxidation.

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Ellagitan Rouge

Ellagitan Rouge is a preparation based on ellagic and proanthocyanidinic tannin, lightly astringent, sweet, vegetable and structured. Its taste in an alcoholic solution reminds peat and liquorice, while its color is brown with yellow tinges. Ellagitan Rouge improves violet notes in red wines, preventing the color to develop orange nuances, and keeps unaltered wine qualities of gustative and olfactory freshness. Its utilization as a clarifier enables to reduce the quantities of bentonite and of other clarifiers necessary to reach the proteic stability, consequently limiting the color quantity adsorbed by clarifiers in red wines.

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Polyclar Super R

Polyclar Super R is a very effective 100% PVPP beer stabilizer. It is optimized for regeneration use, either on its own, or in conjunction with other stabilizers, offering a highly effective means of preventing non-biological haze in all types of beer.

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Non Dairy Creamer

We are manufacturing and exporting non dairy creamer with 33%, 35% and 50 % fat. It is free flowing power and designed for coffee, tea,cookies, bread, cake,doughnut, bakery or mix as milk powder. It is instantly soluble creamer with excellent whitening properties.

Polyclar Plus 730

Polyclar Plus 730 beer stabilizer is an optimized blend of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) and silica xerogel. It is a single-use product offering a highly effective means of preventing non-biological haze in beer.

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Meso-Tartaric Acid

Meso-Tartaric Acid is a diastereomer of D-tartaric acid and L-tartaric acid.It is used to make cream of tartar and baking powder, as a sequestrant, and in effervescent beverages and photographic chemicals.

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Polyclar Brewbrite

Polyclar Brewbrite is a highly effective proprietary wort clarifier and Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) beer stabilizer. It is an optimized composite of purified food grade Carrageenan and specially modified PVPP.

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