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Accepta 2591

Accepta 2591 is a superior quality 2,2-DiBromo3-NitriloProprionamide (DBNPA) based biocide for use in cooling water systems.It can be used in pulp and paper processes.It controls the bacteria,algae and fungi in open recirculating cooling systems and evaporative condensers.

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Accepta 2886

Accepta 2886 is a highly effective non-oxidising, non-ionic biocide based on isothiazoline.It can be used in cooling water systems, closed systems, for sanitising reverse osmosis systems, and peripheral equipment ahead of these systems.

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Accepta 8008

Accepta 8008 is a high performance biocide developed specifically for cleaning ventilation equipment,ductwork and general air hygiene applications.

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Accepta 8205

Accepta 8205 is a superior quality biocide tablet developed to control slime forming bacteria and other biological growths in air conditioning systems, duct-work and condensate or drip pans.

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Accepta 9011

Accepta 9011 are multifunctional chlorine product.It is formulated to maintain pool.

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Accepta 9012

Accepta 9012 oxidizes harmful chlorate.It is used as pool and spa water sanitiser.

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Accepta 9018

Accepta 9018 are superior quality chlorine based product.It reduce chlorine loss to sunlight and control bacteria, algae.

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Aquasol 3010

Aquasol 3010 is solid tablet form of Chlorine and Bromine usually fed to cooling water systems continually or intermittently by water flow through a suitable pot feeder.

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Isothiazolin is used in recirculating cooling water systems and closed loop systems to control microbial growth. Isothiazolin is effective over a wide pH range against the microorganisms typically found in these systems.


Microbiocide is used for the production of process water for efficient disinfections. It is also used in pulp & paper production for slime control. The basic characteristics are it is a stabilized bromine liquid biocide and further it works even at higher pH in circulating water.

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