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What are Biocides?

Biocide is a chemical that is intended to destroy, prevent or have controlling effect on a harmful organism by biological or chemical means. Some examples of biocidal products comprise wood preservatives, antifouling paints, disinfectants, preservatives for aqueous products, fungal or anti-microbial products, insecticides, and animal repellents or baits. Health care industries buy biocides to use in the decontamination process of patient-care devices, environmental surfaces and intact skin. Antiseptics are applied to non intact skin and mucosa.


Types of Biocides

- Disinfectants: Disinfectants are agents that utilized to quickly inactivate microorganisms on inanimate surfaces. Disinfectants suppliers and manufacturers generally supply in hospitals, for dental surgeries in hospitals, used in kitchen, and bathrooms to kill infectious organisms. Wastewater treatment industries buy disinfectants to remove pathogens from water. Hospitals buy Hydrogen peroxide is used as disinfect surfaces and it is used in combination with other chemicals as a high level disinfectant. Households buy chlorine the most cost-effective to clean floor surfaces. People buy formaldehyde which is used as biocides in personal care products for instance cosmetics.


- Preservatives: Preservatives are effective in adhesives, starch, pigments, printing inks, paints, latex and antifoam emulsion systems. People buy Preservatives which are used for controlling bacterial growth in industrial process systems such as industrial process waters, re-circulating water, cooling towers and evaporative condensers, oil production, transport, and pulp and paper production.


- Pest Control: Pest control chemicals are a large category in the horticulture industry. Primarily, pest control covers related to all gardening activities which is to prevent pests from attacking the plants, and eliminate pest infestations once they occur.

In horticulture, particularly in greenhouses and grow rooms, pest control chiefly includes chemical and organic pesticides, in addition to a host of other options such as integrated pest management (IPM), sticky traps, screens, good personal hygiene, environmental control, and more.


- Wood Preservatives: The biocides suppliers and manufacturer use wood preservatives for the preservation of wood which can be used to control wood degradation problems due to fungal rot or decay, sapstain, molds, or wood-damaging insects. Both the treatment process and the use of treated-products can outcome in exposure to pesticides for equally to people and to the environment as well. Majority of the treatment processes and uses of treated products occur outdoors. There are wood preservatives that support a tolerance for indirect food-contact uses such as wooden crates, pallets, and stakes used to store or grow raw agriculture commodities.


- Metalworking fluid preservatives: Metalworking fluids are widely utilized in a wide range of machining operations for instance turning, milling, tapping, drilling, grinding, broaching, rolling, drawing and stamping. The primary functions of metalworking fluid preservatives during these metalworking operations are to give cooling effects on the tool and work piece by scattering the generated heat and to lubricate the work area by lessening the amount of frictional heat generated. Other secondary functions of metalworking fluids contains waste removal, rust protection or corrosion prevention, surface part finish and tool protection during metalworking operations.


- Antifouling Products: Paints industries buy Antifouling products a type of biocides used to prevent algae, clams and barnacles connecting themselves to the hull of a boat. Some paints might contain hazardous substances that make them dangerous to other marine life and plants as well. Examples of such chemical substances are copper and zinc.


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