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Fungitrol 420S

Fungitrol 420S offers highly effective, broad-spectrum protection against degradation, discoloration and defacement caused by mold, mildew and algae. It is a broad spectrum fungicide for water and solvent-based paints and coatings.

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Fungitrol 430S

Fungitrol 430S offers broad protection against degradation, discoloration, and defacement caused by mold, mildew and algae.

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Liquibrom 4000

Liquibrom 4000 activation generates oxidizing bromine

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Liquibrom 4300

Liquibrom 4300 activation generates oxidizing bromine.

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Liquibrom 4600

Liquibrom 4600 is a biocide whos activation generates oxidizing bromine.

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NEOLONE PH 100 preservative is a broad spectrum antimicrobial useful for the protection of water based cosmetic and personal care products, including shampoos, hair conditioners, creams, wipes, and baby-care products. Due to its effectiveness against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast and fungi, and over a wide pH range, 4.0 to 8.0, it is well suited to provide protection from contamination encountered in the personal care field. In addition, the preservative has both water and oil-solubility and will not impart unwanted color to a finished product.

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PREVENTOL D 12 Aqueous solution of Isothiazolinones and (Ethylenedioxy)dimethanol. PREVENTOL D 12 is used for the preservation of aqueous technical preparations such as aqueous paints and coatings, plasters and putties, polymer emulsions, mineral slurries, synthetic adhesives, thickener solutions, concrete additives, metalworking fluids, cleaners and detergents and similar products. The combination of the actives provides a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity against bacteria, mould and yeasts.


PREVENTOL P301 is broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, including sulfate-reducing, anaerobic types. It is a liquid formulation of approx.15 % 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1.3-diol (Bronopol) and 0.5% isothiazolinones. PREVENTOL P301 is mainly used for the preservation of aqueous cleaners, surfactant solutions, polymer dispersions, synthetic adhesives, dampening solutions, pigment slurries and other water-based chemical-technical preparations.

QC BLACK 18/20

QC BLACK 18/20 is a general purpose heavy duty disinfectant for the routine disinfection of a variety of applications including Industrial, Agricultural, Domestic and Public Institutions. Ideally suited for use where the degree of contamination and organic loading is likely to be high.

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VIROXIDE SUPER is a powerful peroxygen based disinfectant used for the prevention of food contamination by spoilage organisms. A single stage application provides highest level of disinfection, removal of stains from surfaces (ceramics, plastics, etc) and descaling of hard-water films & deposits.

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