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Killgerid Powder

Killgerid Powder is an environmentally friendly insecticide dust derived from naturally occurring diatomaceous earth, consisting of amorphous silica (silicon dioxide), which is highly absorbent. It works physically rather than chemically by damaging the waxy outermost layer of the cuticle of the target pest and kills the insect by dessication.

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Benzisothiazolone is a widely used biocide and belongs to the group of isothiazolinones. It has a microbicide and a fungicide mode of action. It is used as a preservative in emulsion paints, varnishes, adhesives, washing agents, fuels and in the papermaking process. In paints, it is commonly used as a mixture with methylisothiazolinone.

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Konservan TL 1212

Konservan TL 1212 is used to protect against mosquitoes, beetles and other insects on awnings, tents and mosquito nets. Very good stability against weathering. The encapsulation reduces direct skin contact with the active ingredients.

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ROCIMA 224 Premix

ROCIMA 224 Premix is a liquid insecticide which is self-emulsifiable in water and is used for preventative and/or curative treatment of freshly cut wood or dry wood against several wood destroying insects. The advantages are it produces a curative and preventative effect upon the insects, it provides good stability against UV and saponification and is highly effective against most of the harmful insects found in dry or in freshly cut wood.

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ROCIMA 226 Premix

ROCIMA 226 Premix is a liquid active substance concentrate for use as an insecticide in wood preservatives which are formulated on water immiscible solvents. It is highly effective against all wood-destroying insects commonly occurring in dry lumber or in timber already used in buildings and also stabilizes the active ingredient against decomposition.

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Tributyltin Oxide

Tributyltin oxide is an organotin compound chiefly used as a biocide, especially a wood preservative. Tributyltin compound are used as mordant in dyeing;bronzing agent for wood colouring; as biocide disinfectant for textile and leather processing.

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Dimethyl Hydantoin

Dimethyl hydantoin is used in the preperation of textile softeners, lubricants, resins, and agrochemicals;bacteriostatic;bacteriacida;preservative against fungi;antiprotozoal,anthelmintic;used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals especially anticonvulsant drugs.

Piperonyl butoxide

Piperonyl butoxide is a pesticide synergist. It does not, by itself have pesticidal properties. However, when added to insecticide mixtures, typically pyrethrin, pyrethroid, and carbamate insecticides, their potency is increased considerably.Piperonyl butoxide is a potent cytochrome P450 and non-specific esterase inhibitor. These enzyme families act as the principal detoxification pathways for many pests, and so inhibiting them allows higher unmetabolised systemic concentrations of the active insecticide to remain within the target animal for a longer period.Piperonyl butoxide is moderately stable, and is a semisynthetic derivative of safrole.It is debatable whether the substance is oncogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic in humans. Its acute oral and dermal toxicity in mammals is low.

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VRINDA BXB BIOCIDE is used as a good Bactericide & Fungicide for metal working Fluids. It is a cost effective wet state Bactericide / Fungicide for metal working fluids, detergents, cooling waters & for industrial plant cleaning.

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1-Chloronaphthalene is an aromatic compound. It may be used to determine the refractive index of crystals by immersion. This toxic, nonpolar organochlorine compound is sometimes used as a powerful biocide. It occasionally serves as insecticide and fungicide in the timber floors of shipping containers, where it fulfills the same role as chlordane.

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