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DYNASPEC 5000 are selected dry bacteria cultures that utilize only non-living organic matter as food sources and can be added to cleaning solutions or directly in soil or water to aid in degradation of oil and grease. These selected bacteria cultures are fully activated and ready-to-use after a four-hour pre-soak period.

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Epirecial BAC

Epirecial BAC is Anti bacterial finishing agent. It protect against bacteria, fungi and algae attack with a wide range of action.

Fungitrol 158

Fungitrol 158 is a low viscosity, liquid biocide used for both the preservation of aqueous coatings against in-can spoilage as well as the prevention of mildew growth on dried films.

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Fungitrol 334

Fungitrol 334 is a liquid microbicide with a high degree of antifungal activity. It exhibits excellent mildew resistance in a great variety of materials and formulations. Due to its unique composition, FUNGITROL 334 can be used in both water-based and solvent-based systems.

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KATHON 886 MW microbicide is recommended as a preservative for the manufacture and use of alkaline, acid, and emulsion based metal cleaning fluids typically used in electroplating, phosphatizing, galvanizing, and general metal cleaning operations. It is recommended as a preservative for use in the manufacture and use of high water-based hydraulic fluids and invert emulsion hydraulic fluids. The benefits are it extends metalworking fluid life, resulting in reduced makeup fluid use and costs and lower waste fluid disposal costs. It is very effective against bacteria and fungi. It is recommended for use in soluble, semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking fluids.

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KATHON 893 MW biocide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that has been recommended and widely used for tank side control of fungi in metalworking central systems. It is also an effective fungicide for use in many metalworking fluid concentrates with the appropriate stabilizer package. It is a highly effective, industrial fungicide that exhibits excellent fungi-static and fungicidal activity against fungi, including yeasts and mold, and Gram-Positive bacteria, and limited activity against Gram-Negative bacteria. Commonly known as octhilinone, 2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one is the active ingredient of KATHON 893 MW.

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MotherEarth D

MotherEarth D is a broad spectrum desiccant dust for long lasting control of crawling insects. The features are this long lasting dust provides continuous protection from pests, it easily covers cracks, crevices, and voids and further it is a highly absorptive desiccant dust.

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PERKACIT SMEC has biocidal properties. It is used as ingredient in water treatment applications and rubber industry.It is effectively used in the sugar industry to prevent bacterial attack leading to the inversion of sugar and consequently reducing yields.

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Rewocid WK 30

Rewocid WK 30 is neutral, deodorising, surface-active disinfectant raw material. It dissolves fat, possesses good soil carrying capacity and is well-tolerated by common materials. It contains no aldehydes, active chlorine or alkalies. It is compatible with non-ionic, amphoteric and cationic surfactants.

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SEA-NINE 211N is an antifouling agent for commercial ship-building paints. The advantages are it protect ships from fouling without harming the marine environment, it has broad spectrum of activity against bacterial slime, algae, barnacles, seaweed, and other marine organisms, it has long-lasting control and stability in marine paint formulations and further it is free from heavy metals.

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