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Hydrex® 1975

Hydrex® 1975 is a blend of tannins for the prevention of scale by interference with crystal growth, prevention of corrosion by reaction with oxygen and by the formation of an iron tannate film.

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Hydrex® 1977

Hydrex® 1977 is a blend of tannins, polymers and alkalis. It is formulated as a liquid to provide a convenient and simple water treatment for package boilers. It provides an ideal balance of boiler alkalinity and scale and corrosion inhibition with the complications of multi chemical treatments. The inclusion of tannin oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitors reduces the tendency towards priming, and the extend of blowdown necessary.

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Hydrex® 1978

Hydrex® 1978 is a blended formulation of tannins, alkalis and polymers for preventing corrosion and scale in steam, hot water and chilled water systems. It is also suitable for corrosive waters of low hardness containing a high level silica.

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Maxtreat-3311 is a organic corrosion inhibitor for feed water & condensate corrosion.

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Rub-Flock-111 is used for Boiler Water softening and project the inner surfaces against calcium, magnesium and iron, which is commonly occur as waterborn impurities.

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Rub-Flock-211 is used as boiler Coagulant and also as boiler water sludge conditioner.

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SPEC HIB QC-3 is an advanced organic boiler water treatment to control pH corrosion, scale and sludge. Its’ neutralized organic acids remove nominal oxygen presence and inhibit corrosion from the boiler from forming an organic iron compound. SPEC HIB QC-3's blend of advanced polymers stops the formation of scale and maintains clean surfaces in the boiler.

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Scale Solvent

Scale solvent is highly effective for removing hardness deposits iron oxides from a wide variety of heat exchange units. This solvent must not be used where stainless steel, galvanising, tinning and soft solder are present.

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Swemcare 9441

Swemcare 9441 is intended to treat boilers operating at pressures up to 900 PSI and having a total water hardness level of less than 30 ppm.

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Swemcare 9442

Swemcare 9442 is intended for use in boiler with low hardness feed water as a phosphate residual or coordinated phosphate program.

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