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Swemcare 9667

Swemcare 9667 is a organic amine based corrosion inhibitor designed for use in boiler feed water systems to reduce corrosion in the condensate return water. Swemcare 9667 is a blend of neutralizing amines designed to neutralize the carbon dioxide to reduce the return line corrosion.

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Accotreat B110

Accotreat B110 contains technical grade anhydrous polyphosphate and polymers specially blended to ensure the effective control of scaling in boiler.

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Accotreat B350

Accotreat B350 is a catalysed oxygen scavenger designed primarily for steam boilers to prevent pitting and general corrosion. It reacts with oxygen in the boiler water to form nitrogen and water. Thus, it will not increase the total dissolved solids in the boiler water. It is also able to passivate the boiler metal surface to reduce the corrosion tendency of metal.

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Accotreat B420

Accotreat B420 is a concentrated liquid product designed to prevent boiler deposits. The formulation contains complex phosphates used to precipitate soluble hardness from the boiler water. Complex phosphates are superior to normal phosphate used in boiler water treatment as they will minimise formation and fouling in boiler feed-water lines.

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Accotreat B510

Accotreat B510 is a specially formulated blend of polymeric dispersing agents and antifoam. These products are designed to serve as dispersants and antifoam agents.

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Accotreat B600

Accotreat B600 is a scale and sludge inhibitor designed primarily for steam boilers to prevent build-up of deposits of hardness or of iron and other metallic oxides originating from corrosion of condensate systems.

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Accotreat B960

Accotreat B960 is a concentrated blend of sequestering and dispersing agents for the removal of scale deposits, iron oxide and other metallic oxides in boiler water systems. It is particularly suitable for systems where iron and other metallic oxides originating from corrosion of condensate systems poses a problem in maintaining a clean boiler.

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AquaTreat 9310

AquaTreat 9310 is a specially formulated product for use in steam raising plant. It is most suitable for large installation. AquaTreat-9310 provides rapid oxygen scavenging to minimize corrosion. It is normally dosed so as to maintain 30-70 mg/l sulphite reserves in the boiler water.AquaTreat-9310 will absorb oxygen from the atmosphere and therefore no more than one day supply should be available in an open dilution tank.

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AquaTreat 9450

AquaTreat 9450 is based on catalyzed sulphite, anti-precipitants, sludge conditioners, alkalinity builder and an organic multifunctional tannin based product. AquaTreat 9450 combines the functions of rapid oxygen scavenging, deposition control and alkalinity control in a single, stable product. AquaTreat 9450 should be dosed continuously into the feed.

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AquaTreat-9002 is an alkalinity builder. It also contains organic dispersants and antifoam. AquaTreat-9002 is used for imparting alkalinity to boiler water or for correcting the pH of low alkalinity waters. AquaTreat-9002 is applied to maintain the boiler water alkalinity within limits to be established by WEX, to suit the operating conditions. AquaTreat-9002 may be injected using a dosage pump, dosage pot or directly into the feed tank (whichever is appropriate to the particular plant). AquaTreat-9002 Reduces acid corrosion, Stabilizes protective films, Provides alkalinity control, Reduces foaming.

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