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AquaTreat-9065 is a specially designed dispersant for the prevention of scaling in boilers and in boiler feed lines. It causes calcium and magnesium hardness salts to form a light, mobile floc, easily removed by blow down. AquaTreat-9065 is normally used with asn oxygen scavenger and a phosphate. AquaTreat-9065 is normally maintained at concentrations between 100 and 500 mg/l, in the boiler water. AquaTreat-9065 is not corrosive to steel mixing tanks or dosage pumps, in concentrated or dilute form.

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Aquacid 1076EX

Aquacid 1076EX is an organophosphonate compound possessing multifold properties like sequestration, deflocculation and threshold Inhibition. Aquacid 1076EX exhibits sequestration of metal ions at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibition of metal salt precipitation at substoichiometric concentrations. Aquacid 1076EX is especially effective in controlling CaSO4 scales under high alkalinity and pH conditions. It is recommended to be used in boiler water treatment and for reverse osmosis/desalination anti scale applications.

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Aquatreat BW75

Aquatreat BW75 is liquid blend of tannin, polymers and alkalinity builder. All ingredients approved under US FDA.

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Aquatreat BW95

Aquatreat BW95 Emulsion filming amine for the protection of condensate lines.

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Aquazine B3552

Aquazine B3552 is an advanced, multicomponent formulation that includes an oxygen pitting inhibitor, a sludge-conditioning agent, a dispersant and a sulphite. It provides a complete boiler system treatment.

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Aquazine B3580

Aquazine B3580 is a liquid blend high performance blend of polymers and deposit control additives that serve as a scale inhibitors designed to control scale and sludge deposition in steam boiler systems.

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Aquazine B6160

Aquazine B6160 is an antiscalant and Sludge Conditioner for High Pressure Boiler Feed blend of selected phosphates and polymers.

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Accotreat B 310

Accotreat B 310 consists of sodium sulfite and specially selected catalyst to provide an almost instantaneous oxygen removal even at low temperature. This product will effectively prevent oxygen corrosion in boiler system.

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Acriflow UL-230

Acriflow UL-230 is the sodium salt of polyacrylic acid of low molecular weight. It is used as a dispersant and suspending agent in industrial processes and applications.

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Aquablend-322 S

Aquablend-322 S is a liquid formulation designed for feed water treatment of boiler. It contains a powerful anti-scalant along with a catalysed oxygen scavenger. It reduces oxygen corrosion and deposition.

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