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Aquatreat BW100

Aquatreat BW100 is a neutralizing amine for condensate lines.

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Aquatreat BW110

Aquatreat BW110 is a multi-amine blend for near and far condensate return systems.

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Aquatreat BW150

Aquatreat BW150 is a tannin based formulation for prevention of scale and corrosion in steam boilers, closed systems and steam locomotives.

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Aquatreat BW160

Aquatreat BW160 is a multi function tannin treatment for heating systems or as oxygen scavenger in low pressure (< 20 bar) steam boilers. Not suitable for aluminium.

Aquatreat BW186

Aquatreat BW186 is a corrosion inhibitor formulation especially for use in MPHW and HPHW systems that have demineralised make-up scavenger and passivator which can be used as a replacement for hydrazine.

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Aquatreat BW360

Aquatreat BW360 is a high concentration phosphate/polymer boiler water additive for scale prevention.

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Chemline HP 360

Chemline HP 360 is a unique alkaline-based water treatment chemical, especially made for high-pressure boiler.It effectively prevents scaling and corrosion in high-pressure boilers. It is composed of scale and corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, antifoaming agents, sludge conditioners and alkalinity controllers.

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AquaTreat-9002-M is an alkalinity builder. It also contains organic dispersants and antifoam. AquaTreat-9002-M is used for imparting alkalinity to boiler water or for correcting the pH of low alkalinity waters. AquaTreat-9002-M is applied to maintain the boiler water alkalinity within limits to be established by WEX, to suit the operating conditions. AquaTreat-9002-M Reduces acid corrosion, Stabilizes protective films, Provides alkalinity control, Reduces foaming.

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Maxtreat-3223 SR

Maxtreat-3223 SR is used for internal treatment of boiler using moderately soft water.

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polymaleic acid

a) Appearance: Clear yellow to amber liquid

b) pH (as is) : < 2

c) Solid Content: 48-50 %

d) Sp. Gravity @ 25 deg C: 1.18 – 1.20

e) Avg. Molecular Weight: 800-1000

f) BF Viscosity cP @ 25 deg C: 10-35

g) Solubility in Water: Freely soluble

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