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Chemtech 888

Chemtech 888 decomposes existing hard scale from the boiler in a single short treatment. It prevents corrosion and pitting on boiler from acid attack through metal passivation.

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Combitreat is a dry powder containing alkalinity builders, phosphates and sludge conditioners. It is suitable for use with all auxiliary boilers, waste heat units, economisers, package boilers, smoke and water tube boilers.

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Corroban 24

Corroban 24 is a multifunctional sulphite, alkali, phosphate, polymer blend used in water treatment applications.

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Gramicid-22: it’s being formulated using latest technology and is used for low and medium pressure boiler. It is a Filming Amine based chemical and works as a scale inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and maintaining the alkalinity of the boiler water. Hence, reduces the need of using 3 different chemicals for boiler.

Gramicid-22 is a combination of Polyamine film forming compound, Neutralizing Amine, Alkalising Amine, Complexing agent, Oxygen Scavenger & Dispersing Agent. prevent the contact  of  metal  surface  with  Oxygen,  Carbon  Di- oxide, Corrosion products & scale making ion. It contains all volatile compounds which permit to operate the boiler water on high COC. Thus it helps to reduce the quantity of blow down of drum water & save energy.It Works as a  sludge conditioner, scale inhibitor,oxygen scavenger and maintaining the alkalinity of the Boiler Water for low and medium pressure boilers.

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HYDREX 1237 is Scale inhibitor/dispersant for the use in steam boilers and cooling water systems.It is formulated for use in steam boilers for the prevention of deposits and scale and is particularly useful for the on-line removal of existing phosphate based scale and iron rich deposits.

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Hydrex 1245

Hydrex 1245 is an efficient penetrant dispersant and corrosion inhibitor based on the dimethylamides of unsaturated fatty acids.It is especially effective in controlling deposits caused by oil, pitch, or other suspended matter that may contaminate cooling water.It develops a non-wettable film on metal surfaces and is also used to prevent corrosion in steam condensate systems.

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Hydrex 1925

Hydrex 1925 is a liquid boiler compound formulated for use in boiler plant where a relatively high hardness make up water has been base-exchange softened - giving a boiler water of naturally high alkalinity.

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Hydrex 1972

Hydrex 1972 is a blended formulation of tannins, alkalis and polymers for preventing corrosion and scale in steam, hot water and chilled water systems

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Hydrex® 1250

Hydrex® 1250 is a scale and sludge inhibitor designed primarily for steam boilers and open cooling systems to prevent build up of deposits of hardness or of iron and other metallic oxides.It is a synergistic blend of polymers and phosphonates which works by bonding iron in solution by a chelating action and dispersing precipitated salts.

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Hydrex® 1306

Hydrex® 1306 is normally applied so as to maintain a sulphite reserve of 30-60 ppm in the boiler water.It is mixed with clean cold water before use. It is very readily soluble and is not corrosive to steelmixing tanks or dosing pumps in concentrated or in diluted form.

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