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Rohapect VR-C

Rohapect VR-C is a fruit juice processing enzyme. This product is especially suitable for debittering processes in combination with Rohapect PTE. It is used to increase the extraction of juice from raw material, to increase processing efficiency during pressing, solid settling or removal, and to generate a final product that is clear and visually attractive. Rohapect VR-C 's pectinase, combined with hemicellulase and protease is particularly suitable for making red wine. The effect of the combined enzymes improves the color extraction and stability as well as the clarification and filtration of red wines.

SEBMalt Super

SEBMalt Super is an enzyme preparation containing protease, alpha-amylase, beta-glucanase and xylanase. SEBMalt Super mimics the role of the principal enzymes found in barley malt and is added during the mashing stage, which reduces viscosity very rapidly, allowing faster filtration and extremely clear worts.

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Meteoferment-A is a fungal alpha amylase enzyme preparation produced by a selected strain of Aspergillus species. Meteoferment-A allows yeast to work continuously during fermentation by increasing initial rate of fermentation when added with glucoamylase. In addition small oligosaccharides and sugars such as glucose and maltose produced by these enzymes enhance yeast growth for better yield of alcohol.

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Meteoferment-G is a glucoamylase enzyme preparation produced from a selected strain of Aspergillus species. It is used to breakdown the starch molecules and the dextrins. It is capable of achieving the complete degradation of the starch to fermentable sugars [glucose]. During fermentation, these sugars are converted in to alcohol by yeast in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation.

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NutraSEB Yeast

NutraSEB Yeast is a fortified, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract that is an ideal nutrient support system for yeast during the fermentation process. It contains protein, free-form amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients.

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ROHALASE PHY-L is a liquid enzyme complex composed of phytase for degradation of enzyme inhibitors and for yeast nutrition improvement. ROHALASE PHY-L is ideal for use in the brewing of beer.

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ROHALASE WP/WL is a liquid enzyme complex used for the degradation of non-starch polysaccharides, especially xylans of wheat malt and adjunct. ROHALASE WP/WL can be applied to decrease wort viscosity and glucane content in order to improve wort and beer filterability, and to prevent bottled beer from haze problems and may increase the brewhouse yield.

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Meteoferment-NP is a bacterial neutral protease enzyme preparation produced by selected strain of Bacillus subtilis. Meteoferment-NP will effectively hydrolyse proteins in an endo manner, thus producing soluble peptides and amino acids. Meteoferment-NP preparation contains non-standardized amounts of bacterial alpha amylase & beta glucanase. Meteoferment-NP is bacterial neutral protease enzyme used in alcohol industry for better yeast growth and reducing fermentation time.

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ROHALASE Barley is an enzyme complex used for the degradation of beta-glucanes, pentosanes and other non-starch polysaccharides for viscosity reduction. It can also be used to improve wort and beer filterability, to prevent haze problems, and to increase yield.

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SEBrew Mature L

SEBrew Mature L is an alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase that bypasses production of diacetyl, converting alpha-acetolactate to acetoin, which reduces maturation time and improves taste, color and aroma.

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