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addiBatt-TETRA-C is a battery paste “multiaxial seed” additive. It promotes a high tetrabasic conversion and promotes omni-directional interlocking. The benefits are it decrease curing times dramatically, it improve battery plate uniformity, it extend battery cycle life and further it reduce battery manufacturing costs.

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white spirit 99

White Spirit is been used in paint applecations 

CMC Ceramic Grade

Product Name: Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC-Na, CMC) Synonym Name: Sodium salt of carboxymethyl ether of cellulose; CMC; Na CMC; cellulose gum; sodium CMC; Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium CAS No.: 9004-32-4 INS: 466 Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose can be used as excipient and intensifier of the blank in ceramic industry, CMC can enhance the blank, a breakage rate if producer added suitable quantity of into the blank. In ceramic material, CMC can improve the glaze slurry, a flow and increase the smoothness and improve the quality of glazed surface. In the production of ceramics, CMC is used in the idiosome of the ceramics, the glaze slip and fancy glaze. The recommended dosage of CMC in the idiosome of the ceramics, the glaze slip and fancy glaze is 0.03-0.2?, 0.05-0.2?, and 1.4-4.0? separately. Specification Appearance: White or slightly yellow fine powder Purity: 70% to 99% Viscosity (2%, 25?): 500-1200mPa.s, ?1200mPa.s Degree of Substitution: 0.6 to 1.0 PH Value: 6.5 to 8.5 Moisture: ?10% We can produce CMC exactly according to customers' specification and special usage. Package 25kg kraft paper bag, or other packing as clients request. Storage: In a cool, dry, clean, ventilated environment.

Potassium Bromate

Potassium bromate is a bromate of potassium. It is typically used as a flour improver, strengthening the dough and allowing higher rising. It might also be used in the production of malt barley where the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has prescribed certain conditions where it may be used safely, which includes labeling standards for the finished malt barley product. It is a very powerful oxidizer.

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addiBatt-Tetra L2

addiBatt-Tetra L2 is a chemical additive and its uses include in lead-acid battery and as battery paste “seed” additive. It promotes a high tetrabasic conversion. The benefits are it decrease curing times dramatically, it improve battery plate uniformity, it extend battery cycle life and further it reduce battery manufacturing costs.

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1-Methylcyclopropene is a is a cycloalkene used as a synthetic plant growth regulator. It is structurally related to the natural plant hormone ethylene and it is used commercially to slow down the ripening of fruit and to help maintain the freshness of cut flowers.It is a volatile gas at standard temperature and pressure with a boiling point of ~12 °C.It is used in enclosed indoor sites, such as coolers, truck trailers, greenhouses, storage facilities, and shipping containers. It is also being developed as a new crop protection technique.

nitric acid >55-56%

Nitric acid is a colorless to yellow or red liquid sometimes fuming reddish brown vapors with a suffocating odor. Nitric acid is soluble in water with release of heat. Nitric acid is corrosive to metals or tissue. Nitric acid will accelerate the burning of combustible materials and Nitric acid may even cause ignition upon contact with combustible material. Nitric acid is fully soluble in water and may react violently upon contact with water with the evolution of heat, fumes and spattering. Prolonged exposure to low concentrations or short term exposure to high concentrations may result in adverse health effects

Synthetic Base Fluids

Poly Alkalene Glycol Mono Butyl Ethers

zinc borate 35 CP 99.99

ZINC BORATE 2335 (2ZnO·3B2O3·3.5H2O)

CAS No. 1332-07-6

Product Features:

It is white and nonpoisonous powder. It can be dissolved easily in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, dimethyl sulfoxide etc. but not in water, ethyl alcohol, benzene, acetone etc. It has good dispersibility and stability property. It can be used as flame retardant, meanwhile it can abate smoke. When it is used with Antimony Trioxide, Chlorinated Paraffin -70 together, the effectiveness of flame retardant will be better than ever.

Quality Index:



Whiteness (%)

≥ 96

B2O3 (%)

46.0 - 48.0

ZnO (%)

37.0 - 40.0

Surface water (%)

≤ 0.5

Crystal water (%)

13.0 - 15.5

Particle size (μm)

2 - 5

Fineness (Residue on 45μm sieve) (%)

≤ 0.1

Specific gravity (g/cm3)


Melting point (℃)


Temperature of dehydration (℃)

> 320

Refractive index



Zinc Borate 2335 has small particle size so that it own average particle distribution and fine dispersion performance. It is suitable to be used in wire and cable as multi-functional synergistic additives with antimony oxide or other halogenated flame retardants to significantly improve the flame retardant performance, remove smoke emission and adjust the balance on chemical, mechanical, electrical etc properties.

Packing and Storage:

25kg/bag, paper-polymer outer & PE inner bag.

Store in dry, normal temperature, moisture prevention.


Black Paste Technical 90%

Supply form:black viscous paste.

Viscosity @25℃:6000 ~15000mpa.s.

Hydroxyl number:45±5 mg KOH/g.

Average particle size:<35μm.

Density (25℃):1.10~1.18.

Volatile (104℃, 4hr): < 3%.

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