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Color Paste Technical 90%

Supply form:color viscous paste.
Viscosity @25℃:8000 ~16000mpa.s.
Hydroxyl number:<60 mg KOH/g.
Average particle size:<20μm.
Density (25℃): 1.20~1.40(red, yellow);1.05~1.15(blue).
Volatile (104℃, 4hr): < 3%.

CMC Mining Flotation Grade

Product Name: Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC-Na, CMC) Synonym Name: Sodium salt of carboxymethyl ether of cellulose; CMC; Na CMC; cellulose gum; sodium CMC; Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium CAS No.: 9004-32-4 INS: 466 CMC is widely used as an agent in floating seperation in the mining industry .CMC is the pellet binder and flotation inhibitor, It is a kind of ore forming binder which is indispensable for making pellets,because it can improve the properties of wet ball, dry and roast pellets. Pellets with good ball cohesiveness have good performance of antiknock, compression and falling,at the same time it can improve the grade of pellets. CMC is also a kind of adjusting agent in the process of floatation?in silicate gangue and copper lead separation, It is mainly used as inhibitor ,sometimes used as a slurry dispersant. Specification Appearance: White or slightly yellow fine powder Purity: 70% to 99% Viscosity (2%, 25?): 100 to 500mPa.s, ?500mPa.s Degree of Substitution: ?0.70 PH Value: 6.5 to 8.0 Moisture: ?10% We can produce CMC exactly according to customers' specification and special usage. Package 25kg kraft paper bag, or other packing as clients request. Storage: In a cool, dry, clean, ventilated environment.

Methacrylamide Purified 99%

Product Name: Methacrylamide 

Synonyms: 2-methyl-2-propenamid;2-methyl-2-Propenamide;2-Methylacrylamide;2-Propenamide, 2-methyl-;alpha-Methyl acrylic amide;alpha-methylacrylicamide;Amid kyseliny methakrylove;amidkyselinymethakrylove 

CAS: 79-39-0 


MW: 85.1 

EINECS: 201-202-3 


density  1,115 g/cm3 

Fp  215°C 

storage temp.  Store below +30°C. 

solubility  202g/l 

form  Crystals 

color  White to very slightly yellow 

PH 7.1 (100g/l, H2O, 20℃) 

explosive limit 2-15%(V) 


Appearancewhite crystalMelting point108-112°CBoiling point215°C (760.00mm Hg)Water solubility202G/L (20°C)


aluminum hydroxide IP 99.8%

It is produced by precipitation method with the sodium aluminate solution from sintering process as the seeds. Slow decomposition, complete crystallization, low impurity, high intensity and good penetration.

It has the texture properties of jade, which can be used as superior filler in the solid surface, crafts and other composites. 

High whiteness (has the reputation for Chinese Whiteness), low oil absorption, steady in room temperature and dehydrated to alumina while heating, to make the products have the function of flame retardant. It’s good flame retardant filler because that no toxic and corrosive gases were generated in thermal decomposition. It’s widely used in the solid surface, mould plastics, epoxy potting compound and other composite materials.




Indium Wires Purified 99.99%

Indium wires In metal strings Foils powder bar 99.99% 99.995%

sealing, welding, solder, alloys, semiconductor, solar cell

magnesium hydroxide ?? 99.5%

- a highly efficient non-toxic inorganic flame retardant, filler and smoke suppressing additive for the manufacture of almost all types of plastics and filled (co)polymer compositions on the basis of PVC, PA, PS, PP, PE, PET, etc. 
- in pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of laxatives, antacids and other magnesium-containing medicines; 
- in food industry as  food additive E-528  (acidity regulator, color stabilizer etc.) 
- in production of lubricating oil additives; 
- in production of magnesium compounds; 
- in production of catalysts; 
- in production of industrial cleaning agents;  
- as pigment;  
- In production of cosmetics and personal care products  

Oxidized starch Technical 98%

Oxidized starch For Papermaking

oxidized starch from natural corn starch by oxidation technology and the latest, afterwashing and dehydration drying fine screening - packaging process. Mainly used in paper surface sizing of paper, board.


1 Character

1 The paste viscosity, good fluidity, strong adhesion, high stability. Do not use a long timecaused by fluctuation of viscosity is too large or the system pressure increases.

1 the finished film, film flexibility, abrasion resistance, excellent transparency.

1 The product has high whiteness, impurity content is very bottom, hydrophilic particlesincreases, lower gelatinization temperature, energy saving.

1 Product viscosity in user requirements within the scope of the special processing; other indicators can be processed according to user requirements.

1 At the same time, the oxidized starch is used in the textile, food industry.


1 How to use.a.     under the condition of stirring, the product is added in the cold water, transferred into the 10% suspension emulsion concentration, heating to 90 deg. C, heat 15-20 minutes to fully gelatinization, add water to dilute the standby.

1 Mixed in with other sizing agent, should be added in the process of dilution of gelatinization.

1 In use, the reflux liquid to be filtered, reflux tank should be kept clean, paste temperatureto maintain stability.

if you need help. pls email


1. the modified starch for paper industrial is used as surface adhesive, can improve paper

printing and writing performance.

2. the modified starch for paper industrial used as coating sizing agent in paper making.

3. the modified starch for paper industrial is as wet end additive, can improve the wet

strength of paper.

4. the modified starch for paper industrial additive in laminated paper, cardboard and

corrugated paper. Oxidized starch is with high bonding strength, better fluidity, no

corrosion, no pollution and low consumption.

Lube Esters & Glycerol Esters

Mono esters, Di esters, Glycerol Esters, Polyol Esters, Trimellitate Esters.

Decabromodiphenyl Oxide(DBDPO)

1. Brief introduction of company:

Oceanchem Group Limited, Since 1950s, As Unique State-Owned Group which has the abundant Salt and Bromine which mined from Natural Underground Halogen Water, in Weifang City,Shandong,China.

As the leading supplier for Flame Retardant, Plastics Additives, Oil Field Drilling Chemicals, Pharm Intermediates,
WaterTreatment chemicals base on our abundant resources of Bromines(Br) in China.

With the development over half century, We have became the big group with the rich experiences in Bromine and Phosphat Industries chemical. hope to expand our market with support from worldwide Innovate the new technology ,enviroment-protection raw materials for brighter,better world.

2. COA of product:

Appearance...........................................White powder.
Assay (by HPLC)%...............................97 min.
Bromine (theoretical) %........................8.2-83
Melt range ° C^....................................300-310
Whiteness %.........................................92 min.
Free Br ppm.........................................10 max.
Specific gravity......................................3.25
Average particle size (μ ).....................5.0 max.
Refractive index.....................................1.84
Volatile%: ..............................................< 0.10

3. Application of product:

It is a kind of broad-spectrum, high efficiency fire retardant with the features of low additive quantity. It is widely used in rubber, textile, electronic, plastic industry etc. Especially used in HIPS,PE,PP,ABS,PBT,UPE, Epoxy,Nylon6, Textiles etc.

4. Benefits and Features:

It is a prime candidate for most applications due to its overall performance and cost effectiveness. Its good thermal stability makes it a candidate for applications in which resistance to high temperature is required. Because of its high bromine content  it is highly effective in achieving desired levels of flame retardancy. It has been extensively studied to determine its toxicological character and its safety has been demonstrated through many years of use.

5. Transportation Classification:

No regulated for transportation.

We can provide the relevant product information, such as REACH registration, TDS, SDS, COA and we cooperated with Third Party to Supervise the Steady Quality, CONTROLUNION, INTERTEK, PONY and SGS etc. If the customer need them, we can offer you.


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