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lithium bromide Technical 99%min

lithium bromide

Chemical Formula:LiBr   CAS NO:7550-35-8   Molecular Weight: 86.58  Melting point: 550℃


White crystalline powder. Taste slightly bitter. Easy deliquescence 44 ℃ loss of a molecular crystal water, 160 ℃ when anhydrous. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. Aqueous solution of litmus was neutral or slightly alkaline. The hot concentrated solution dissolves the cellulose.


As a highly efficient water vapor absorbent and air humidity regulator. Refrigeration industry is widely used as absorption refrigerants, organic industry for hydrogen chloride decoction agent and organic fiber expansion agent. Medicine for hypnotics and sedatives. The battery industry for high-energy batteries and micro-battery electrolyte. In addition, also used in the photographic industry and analytical chemistry. Can also be used as pharmaceutical intermediates.

Chemical name

                      Lithium Bromide


White crystalline powder

White crystalline powder

LiBr(main content more than ,%)






Content of impurity

 less than,%
















Insoluble(in Water)







In 25kg net plastic drum lined with plastic bags or custom packing.

Tetramethoxy silane Purified 99.9

Product Name: Dimethyl Carbonate
Origin: China
Molecular Formula: C3H6O3
CAS Number: 616-38-6

EINECS No: 210-478-4
Specification: 99.5%, 99.9%
Packing: Iron drums of 200kg net each, or ISO tank
Application:In organic synthesis ---as a substance or solvent in organic synthesis, instead of phosgene, dimethyle sulfate, ect.
---called as "green chemical" and "new cornerstone for or organic synthesis"
In gasoline industry - as a fuel additive

Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) is a strong contender to help the refining industry to meet the Clean Air Act specification for oxygen in gasoline. DMC (53.3% O) has about 3 times the oxygen content as methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE, 18.2%) and its synthesis is not dependent upon oil.

chlorinated paraffin wax CP 99.99


(CAS: 63449-39-8)

Product features:

Chlorinated paraffin 70% is white or light yellow resin-type solid. Average molecular formula is C25H30Cl22, average molecular weight is 1060-1100. It is excellent additive type flame retardant with good chemical stability, excellent flame retardance, good chemical resistance, ageing resistance and heat stability.

Quality index:

Check Item



White or Light Yellow

Chlorine Content, (%)


Soften Point, (?)


Hot Stable Point


Moister, (%)


Acid Value, (mhkOH/g)


Granularity, (40 mesh)

99.5%sift through 40mesh screen

Temperature Of The

Heat Decomposition, (?)



The product can be used in rubber and plastic products as flame retardant additive for flame retardant conveyor, flame retardant cable material, fire retardant coating, polyester, polystyrene, polyethylene, epoxy, etc. It can also be used as fire retardant additive for ink, as modifier for paper industry. In addition, the material can be used in fiber and other industries as plasticizer, or as surface treatment agent and lubricant for fabric. It is also used as anti-corrosive additive for anti-corrosive paint.

Packing, storage and transportation:

Keep in cool, dry and shading place. It is packed by composite paper bag or polypropylene woven bag, 25kg/bag, Handle with care during transportation.

Decabromodiphenyl Ethane (DBDPE)

1. Brief introduction of company:

Oceanchem Group Limited, Since 1950s, As Unique State-Owned Group which has the abundant Salt and Bromine which mined from Natural Underground Halogen Water, in Weifang City,Shandong,China.

As the leading supplier for Flame Retardant, Plastics Additives, Oil Field Drilling Chemicals, Pharm Intermediates,
WaterTreatment chemicals base on our abundant resources of Bromines(Br) in China.

With the development over half century, We have became the big group with the rich experiences in Bromine and Phosphat Industries chemical. hope to expand our market with support from worldwide Innovate the new technology ,enviroment-protection raw materials for brighter,better world.

2. Usage:
This product is a new high efficiency, environment fridendly flame retardant developed by our company and Beijing Institute of Technology. The product has properties of high bromine content, excellent thermal stability, low toxicity and UV-resistance. It is used in high-impact polystyrene, engineering plastics, wires and cables, insulator, elastomer and thermoset plastics etc.

3. Packing: 25kg paper or PE/PP bag or as customer's requirement.

Output annual: 10000mt.

Items Index
Appearance: White powder.
Bromine content %: 81-82
Brightness %: 87 min.
Volatile %: 0.1 max.
Particle size(D5O) um: 5 max.
Free Br ppm: 10 max.
Melting point ° C: 340 min.

4. Transportation Classification of product:

not regulated for transportation

We can provide the relevant product information, such as REACH registration, TDS, SDS, COA and we cooperated with Third Party to Supervise the Steady Quality, CONTROLUNION, INTERTEK, PONY and SGS etc. If the customer need them, we can offer you.

N-Ethyl-Pyrrolidone Technical 99.5%

N-Ethyl-Pyrrolidone is a colorless to slightly yellowish liquid with a faint amine odor, as an aprotic and highly polar organic solvent is completely miscible with water .Applications:Used as Intermediates for the synthesis of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textile auxiliaries, plasticizers, polymer solvent, stabilizers, specialty inks and as a nylon precursor. It'sused as a replacement for N-Methyl-Pyrrolidone in many application fields such as the coatings industry and cleaning applications due to its very similar solvent properties.

magnesium hydroxide Purified >99.6%

Features and Main application:


a)      YR6N Magnesium hydroxide fire-retardant is high purity Mg(OH)2, ,the surface is specially treated with vinyl silane.


b)      because surface is after organic reaction,so it greatly reduces surface energy, and improves the dispersion and liquidity in organic matter accordingly,


c)      as a no halogen flame retardant,it is mainly used in PA,TPE and Polarity PE copolymer(EVA EEA etc)  and also Rubber .Low smoke density and high thermal stability. initial decomposition temperature  is about 340?.No Poisonous and causticity air when degradation.


d)      Because of aminosilane surface treatment,it is good for improving the compatibility of polymer and filler when casting mold and modification.


e)      With pretreatment of powder when chemical reaction,it will deduce clients’ input for facility and processing steps.further Lower the cost of facility and labor


Storage and instructions:

Keep it in dry environment with room temperature



Standard:25 kgs/bag, plastic woven bag lined with polyethylene plastic bags

Or according to customers’ request



Technical parameters:

Physical status

white powder




Max 0.03%


Max 0.005%


Max 0.005%


Min 97

drying shrinkage(120 degree centigrade ,1h)


D50(particle size)


particle shape

hexagonal platelet

insoluble matter in hydrochloric acid


loss on ignition(900 degree centigrade)

Max 30.5%

specific surface area

6-8 m2/g

mohs hardness


bulk density


Initial dehydration temperature

340 degree centigrade



zirconium powder Industrial Grade 99%

Zirconium metal is available in form of powders, chunks, ingots, lumps, pieces, sheets, foils, particles, slugs, cylinders and targets. It is light gray metal or gray amorphous powder, which is insoluble in water, but soluble in hot concentrated acid, hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia and concentrated sulfuric acid. Zirconium powder would ignite in air when high temperature and turns out zirconium dioxide. The purity of zirconium powder is 99%. The purity of sponge zirconium metal is 99.4%. However the purity of zirconium lump reach 99.9%.

Zirconium Metal

CAS No.: 7440-67-7 EINECS No.: 231-176-9 Molecular Formula: Zr Molecular Weight: 91.224
Melting Point: 1852℃ Boiling Point: 3577℃ Ignition Temperature: >200℃ Density: 6.51


Zirconium metal powder is for preparation of nuclear industry, corrosion resistance alloy, flashlight and fireworks. It also apply to deoxidizing agent for metallurgy and chemical reagents.

The standard size of zirconium slugs are 1.2*3.5mm, 2*3mm and 1.5mm*3mm. The standard thick of zirconium foils are 0.2mm and 0.3mm. The other sizes could be customizable. Both two products are for vacuum coating, which are sputtering targets.

Potassium Formate Industrial Grade 97%

We manufacture and export high quality Potassium Formate in China, including 97% crystalline powder and 75%, 70%, 65% 60% solution. The quality is superior in world market. Capability: 800mt monthly. This product available use in petroleum industry and detergent prescription etc…

Look forward successful cooperation with you.

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