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Ammonium chloride feed FOOD GRADE 99.6

Product: Ammonium chloride
Model Number: Feed grade
Description: Ammonium chloride feed grade.
1. Applications
Be use of the microzyme nourishment in producing foldder,and also is the additive of prophylactic and therapeutic fodde, it is very useful for healthly growth of animal.
2. Transportation
plastic woven bag inner with plastic bag in 25kg net. or depend customers demand.

2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol >98.0%

As a typical Gemini surfactant, Surfadol 541 provides multifunctional properties such as dynamic surface tension reduction, foam control, water sensitivity reduction, and viscosity stabilization. Available in solid, liquid or powder form, Surfadol 541 is widely used as wetting agent or anti-foaming agent in waterborne coatings such as electro-deposit coatings, industrial coatings, etc., as well as water-based inks such as gravure inks, flexo inks and inkjet inks. The unique product can prevent surface defect problems such as fisheyes, crawling, and cratering on low-energy substrates, compared to fluorosurfactant or silicone surfactants.


CAS Number: 126-86-3

EINECS Number: 204-809-1

Chemical Name:


Synonyms: TMDD; Surfynol 104; S-104;


5-Decyne-4,7-diol, 2,4,7,9-tetramethyl-;

Tetramethyl decyne diol.

(source from ECHA website)

Appearance: white waxy solid

APHA Color (Pt-Co): ~150

Active Content: 100%

Molecular Formula: C14H26O2

Molecular Weight: 226.36

Melting Point: 52-56 ºC

Boiling Point: >262 ºC

Density: 0.89 g/cm3

HLB: 4

Dynamic Surface Tension: 36 dynes/cm

 (0. 1% w.t. , 6 b/s)

Usage: 0.2%-2.0% w.t.

Shelf Life: 48 months

Production Capacity: 1,400MT/year

Factory offer Sodium Gluconate 99.8% purity

  • Sodium Gluconate
  • Usage: Coating Auxiliary Agents, Petroleum Additives, Water Treatment Chemicals

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sodium nitrite technical 99% FOOD GRADE 99%min

sodium nitrite

CAS No.: 7632-00-0   MF:NaNO2  UN:1500  Class:5.1  Shelf life:2 years




Sodium Nitrite




1.4% Max


Sodium Nitrate

0.8% Max


Chloride (as Nacl)

0.17% Max


Water Insoluble

0.05% Max



Polyacrylic resin II( Eudragit L-100) Technical

Product Name: Polyacrylic resin II( Eudragit L-100)

CAS: 25086-15-1

Synonym: Methacrylic Acid -Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer

Chemical Name: Polyacrylic resin II (Eudragit L-100)

Chemical Formula: C9H14O4

2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol ethoxylate 100%

Adding ethylene oxide (EO) to Surfadol 541 surfactant increases the hydrophilic nature of the product, modifying its water solubility, wetting and defoaming characteristics. Depending on the ethylene oxide level, Surfadol 400 series surfactants function as low-foaming, nonfoaming or defoaming wetting agents in a variety of applications as below.


Waterborne Industrial Coatings

Waterborne Internal Can Coatings

Printing Inks

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Paper Coatings

Metalworking Lubricants

Agricultural Chemicals


CAS Number: 9014-85-1

EINECS Number: 500-022-5

Chemical Name:

2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol ethoxylate


Polyoxyethylene 2,4,7,9-tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol

2,4,7,9-Tetramethyl-5-decyne-4,7-diol, ethoxylated

Ethoxylated 2,4,7,9-tetramethyl-5-decyn-4,7-diol


(source from ECHA website)

Appearance: light yellow liquid

APHA Color (Pt-Co): ~250

Active Content: 100%

Molecular Formula: (C2H4O)n.C14H26O2.(C2H4O)n

Boiling Point: >121 ºC

Density: 0.95 g/cm3

pH (1% aqueous solution): 6-8

Viscosity @ 20°C, cps: <250

HLB (Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance): 4

Dynamic Surface Tension: 32 dynes/cm

 (0. 1% w.t. , 6 b/s)

Usage: 0.2%-2.0% w.t.

Shelf Life: 48 months

Oilfield Cement Additive Dispersant Salt Water by Midas IP

MID-C202 is a cement friction-reducing additive which will reduce the apparent viscosity and improve the rheological properties of cement slurry. The improved rheological properties result in reduced frictional pressures during pumping, and turbulent flow can be achieved at lower pumping rates. With a reduction in a slurry’s apparent viscosity, the slurry can be mixed at a higher density than normal by reducing the mixing water, and the slurry is still pump able.

The functions and properties of cement slurries containing MID-C202 are very similar to slurries containing MID-C201 except MID-C202 can be used in slurries with salt concentrations greater than 18% (BWOC) and can be applied in wells above 110℉. The recommended dosage is 0.1% -1.2% (BWOC) depending on slurry’s weight, well’s temperature and solids to water ratio.

MID-C202 is a strong material so it is recommended to do lab tests and find optimum dosage.

Calcium Lactate for calcium supplements added in health care products USP 99.9%

Calcium Lactate for calcium supplements added in health care products


1. Description:

Molecular formula: C6H10CaO6·5H2O

Molecular weight: 308.3

CAS NO.:814-80-2

Appearance: white granules or white powder with a little efflorescence

Organoleptics: odorless and moderate flavor 

Solubility: It can be easily dissolved in hot water (5%), but not in inorganic solvents.

Character: It has high absorption rate and good solubility, so it can be easily absorbed.

Application: It is widely used in the fields of food, beverage, medicine, etc., and also used as strengthening calcium source added into dairy products.

Standard: It conforms to the requirement of FCC, USP and BP.

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