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What are Cleaning and Sanitation Chemicals?

Cleaning chemicals are used for removing dirt, rust stains, and minerals, clutter or other deposits. It is usually in the form of liquids, powder or sprays. The principle function of cleaning agents includes health, beauty, removing offensive odour, and avoiding the spread of dirt and contaminants. Chemicals used for cleaning products like laundry detergent can assist the products to perform whilst well in cold water as well as in hot water, enabling industries to buy cleaning chemicals to save money and energy while cleaning.

Sanitation chemicals are agents used to reduce micro organisms and inorganic environment for the purpose of public health and regulations. These chemicals are often used in connection with the food and food industry. Chemical sanitizers vary in their effectiveness on specific microorganisms and in the concentration, temperature and contact time required to kill bacteria. Chlorine sanitizers are extensively employed in the beer brewing industry. Industries buy chlorine compounds which are broad spectrum germicides that act on microbial membranes, inhibit cellular enzymes engaged in glucose metabolism, have a lethal effect on DNA, and oxidize cellular protein.


Types of Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Basic Alkails: Alkaline cleaning agents hold strong bases like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Sodium Carbonate and ammonia (pH 11) are certain common alkaline cleaning agents. Often, some dispersants are added to the alkaline agent, to prevent re-deposition of dissolved dirt, and chelants, to attack rust.

  • Chelating agents: Chelating agents are extensively used in domestic cleaning products to stop metal ions naturally found in water from forming soap scum. EDTA and citric acid are 2 generally found in cleaning products, while phosphonates are banned in most countries. Chelating agents are usually safe to humans, but EDTA can gather up with harmful environmental effects.

  • Acids: Acids are used to clean or remove different types of dirt build-up, discolouration, and tarnish from masonry or metals. Acid cleaning further more for in and around the home for removing tarnish or hard water stains from various surfaces.

  • Antimicrobial Agents: These agents kill bacteria or microorganisms and stop the growth. Antimicrobial agents are substances that can be derived from naturally occurring substances or can be synthetic.

  • Mill Sanitation Chemicals: These chemicals are broad spectrum biocides which are helpful in controlling the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi.

  • Alkaline Cleaners: An alkaline cleaner refers to the cleaning which contains highly potent chemical such as potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide.

  • Sanitizers: Sanitizers are agents used to decrease infectious agents on the hands. It is an effective microorganism’s killer in the form of the liquid, gel or soap.

  • Floor Cleaners: Floor cleaners are type of cleaning product used to clean floor of home, industries and other floor surfaces.


Where to buy Cleaning and Sanitation Chemicals?

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