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Butanone is an organic compound. It is an effective and common solvent and is used in processes involving gums, resins, cellulose acetate and nitrocellulose coatings and in vinyl films. For this reason it finds use in the manufacture of plastics, textiles, in the production of paraffin wax, and in household products such as lacquer, varnishes, paint remover, a denaturing agent for denatured alcohol, glues, and as a cleaning agent. It is also used in dry erase markers as the solvent of the erasable dye. As butanone melts polystyrene, it is sold as "polystyrene cement" for use in connecting together parts of scale model kits. Though often considered an adhesive, it is actually functioning as a welding agent in this context. It is the precursor to methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, a catalyst for some polymerization reactions.

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Lenntech BV offers most commonly used disinfectants for water disinfection such as chlorine. Our chlorine product is applied for the deactivation of most microorganisms and it is relatively cheap and convenient method. Buy chlorine from Lenntech BV supplier, which is used for bleaches, as disinfection products and a building block to produce organic compounds.


Combat® provides long lasting protection from health compromising organisms. It is a low pH, low foaming organic surfactant containing activated, anti-microbial mineral ions. It does not contain chlorine or other harmful chemicals.

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DE-LIMER is a non-fuming, mildly acidic, thick cleaner that performs with gentle effectiveness. It will cling, even to vertical surfaces, which allows the user ample time to mop or swab around the surfaces before rinsing away. It will remove soil and stains from shower stalls and vitreous surfaces. Squirt DE-LIMER on, rub with a bowl mop or swab and rinse thoroughly to get effective results.

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DG 1045N

DG 1045N is a concentrated, water-soluble, highly rinsable combination of mild natural detergents, surfactants, and grease emulsifiers that will function extremely well in fresh or brine water. DG 1045N has been proven to be very effective in cleaning grease, oils, drilling muds, diesel and hydraulic fluids from metal surfaces. DG 1045N will rinse completely clean with water leaving behind a corrosion resistant surface. DG 1045N is extremely effective when used as a bilge cleaner. DG 1045N is very mild and may be used on any surface not harmed by water. The emulsification properties and moderate pH of DG 1045N make it an ideal degreaser and dispersant. DG 1045N may be applied by mop, brush, sponge, foam applicator, or pump sprayer.

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Dezinoil is highly effective chemical cleaner offered for diverse types of industrial and marine cleaning. This perfectly balanced concentrated liquid cleaner is non-toxic and non inflammable. This does not contain alkaline or acidic components such as caustic or hydrochloric acid. So it is very safe and may be used in the most confirm area with only the simplest safety rules observe. It is designed to simplify marine and industrial cleaning operation. Maintenance is not a problem with properly combine Dezinoil rapidly penetrate the salt. Act at the interface of the Soil and metal surface, reduce the particles of soil to colloidal size. These are effectively emulsified and wash away with fresh or saline water living cleaner's metal surface.

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Disclean is a water based blend of inhibited acids, surfactants and emulsifying agents. Disclean removes the heavy tenacious deposits which collect in fuel and lube oil centrifugal separators, and it is extremely effective in removing these deposits without the necessity of separating the discs from the stack.

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Dishwizz is a premium quality machine dishwashing liquid for use via an automatic feed dispenser. Dishwizz is non foaming and will remove food and tannin residue from crockery. It will also help remove scale build up in dishwashers and is effective even in hard water areas.

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Displace is a concentrated, self-foaming acid cleaner containing a blend of mineral and organic acids plus heavy-duty surfactants for an all-in-one cleaner and brightener. Strips off hard water scale, protein, grease and dirt. Brightens equipment and tiled surfaces.


Fumisure is a one stop solution for all your decontamination and fumigation needs. Fumisure ensures 100% safety of your birds and farmers. An integration of latest technology and innovation-Fumisure is a gaseous formol generator specially designed for terminal disinfection in farms and hatcheries. Fumisure consists of two parts-a lower box consisting of a wax candle for exothermic reaction, and an upper box consisting of paraformaldehyde for fumigation.


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