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HOT TANK is a biodegradable, alkaline, water-based blend of nonionic detergents, solubilizers, chelators, penetrants and builders designed for specification cleaning of storage tank wall surfaces, pipelines, ship holds, and equipment not affected by contact with water. HOT TANK has been proven effective cleaning vegetable and hydrocarbon oils. HOT TANK is ideally suited for degassing and decontaminating barges, ships, tanks, vats and for all engine room maintenance. HOT TANK is highly concentrated. HOT TANK can be applied as provided or can be diluted with water to desired concentration for best results.

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K-QUAT 4 is a clear, concentrated, quaternary sanitizer for sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing all types of hard surfaces. It contains a blend of four quaternary ammonium chlorides that provide broad spectrum kill. It is especially effective against gram positive and gram negative microbes and fungi and is virus and protein tolerant. This neutral disinfectant won’t effect wax levels on floors due to the neutral ph, and because it is clear and non-staining.

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Kik Acid

Kik Acid is a versatile acid component in Birko’s multi-product cleaning system dispensed by AlloTres dispensing system for scale removal, brightening and passivating metal and for protein decomposition.

Liquik 3

An unprecedented combination of aggressive alkalinity, surface-active agents, emulsifiers and solvent. Features state-of-the-art water control – effective even in the hardest water. Powerfully strips grease and fat, without filming. Acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants and as a general purpose, self-foaming cleaning agent and for use in steam or mechanical cleaning devices.

Liquik 4

Liquik 4 is a self-foaming, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner. Instantly removes fats, protein and soils, plus rust removal and corrosion inhibition. Contains rinse-aids, leaving bright, shiny surfaces. A general-purpose cleaning agent for all surfaces or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices.

Liquik 5

Liquik 5 is a mild, general-purpose cleaner with low alkalinity, surfactants and rinse aids. The combination of ingredients makes it a powerful cleaner for smoke residues, light animal fats and oils, and surface soils. Safe for use as a hand scrubbing cleaner even in concentrated form. Suitable for use on galvanized and soft metals including aluminum and copper. Rinse with potable water after use.

Magna 10

Magna 10 combines maximum degreasing effectiveness with minimum hazard. It is non-explosive and can be heated without danger unlike petroleum solvents. It does not give off overpowering fumes unlike chlorinated solvents. Use it for degreasing tools, parts and machinery.

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Max Foam

Max Foam is a concentrated foaming caustic cleaner formulated with a blend of high performance surfactants for maximum wetting and penetrating power; powerful foam boosters for maximum foaming power; and a blend of water conditioning ingredients for maximum cleaning power in hard water. It is used to remove carbonized food soils from smokehouses, trolleys, kettles and related equipment. It may also be used for routine foam cleaning of all stainless steel processing equipment. Its powerful formula quickly dissolves protein so it can be easily removed.

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Metalist is a strong alkaline cleaner. Contains surfactants and rinse aids for low-foaming applications. A chelating agent lifts and prevents redeposition of metal oxides. Designed to clean trolleys and hooks. Removes grease, fat, and protein blood from metal surfaces making it an excellent cage and tree washer. Acceptable for use only in soak tanks in federally inspected meat and poultry plants or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices.

Miri Cal

Miri Cal is a combination of organic and inorganic acids, plus a surface-active agents, for effective and fast-acting removal of protein, scale and salts from metal and tiled surfaces. Applied by foaming, hand scrubbing or circulated through CIP (boil-out) systems.

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