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Proceine is a complete and reliable sterilization programme. It is highly effective sterile disinfectant spray provides a broad spectrum of activity, ideal for cleanrooms and pharmacies. 0.2 micron filtered and gamma irradiated sterile, complete with supporting documentation and visible detex marking.

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Renovate is a detergent Sanitiser for Machine Cleaning and Glass Refurbishment.

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SCS 2000

SCS 2000 is a powerful corrosion inhibited alkaline cleaner for chemically removing all types of soils from food processing equipment. It is especially effective for cleaning plastic items such as meat lugs, trays, and egg flats. It is also an excellent low foam cleaning agent for cake pans and bread trays. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-caustic, and completely safe on all plastic, galvanized steel, and aluminum surfaces. Its special additives fight hard water ions and promote rapid cleaning in both hard and soft water.

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SS Brite

SS Brite is a self-foaming heavy duty acid cleaner designed to remove difficult mineral scale and rust deposits. This unique blend of ingredients provides a superior approach to difficult water scale and product mineral deposits including silica based soils. It is designed for use in foaming equipment and it provides good cleaning action and is economical to use.

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SUNBRITE is an economical hand dishwashing detergent suitable for both hard and soft water areas.

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Smok-Off is a high alkaline cleaner with rinse aids for compatibility with any water system. Acceptable for use in federally inspected facilities for use only in soak tanks or with steam or mechanical cleaning equipment. Cost competitive.

Soda Ash

Soda Ash is used as a water softener during laundry. It competes with the ions magnesium and calcium in hard water and prevents them from bonding with the detergent being used. Without using washing soda, additional detergent is needed to soak up the magnesium and calcium ions. Called Washing Soda, Soda crystals or Sal Soda in the detergent section of stores, it effectively removes oil, grease, and alcohol stains.

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Stallion is a key component of Birko’s unique, multi-product cleaning system. Provides alkalinity, wetting, defoaming and scale control.


Uni-Wash is a liquid detergent with good foaming qualities. It contains wetting agents that allow rapid penetration to remove fat, oil, grease or grime. It does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds. It can be used for cleaning of dishes,windows and port holes,woodwork, leather, desks,toilets and showers.

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Wipe Out

Wipe Out is a bactericidal sanitiser cleaner and degreaser. It can be used for all food surfaces, fridges, floors, tables and extractor hoods.

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