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CLEANER 304-C is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner for steam cleaning and immersion tank operations. It incorporates a superior blend of biodegradable surfactants and penetration additives that quickly and effectively remove grease and carbonized soil from heavy equipment and machinery. It is this unique blend and not a high caustic percentage as with other steam cleaners, which provides the cleaning effectiveness. It is also excellent for removal of soils and tars from smokehouses.

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CSS-12 is a versatile, concentrated, non-foaming liquid chlorinated sanitizer. It may be used in spray, soak or circulation sanitizing operations of equipment and related hard surfaces in most areas of meat, poultry and seafood operations. It may also be used for sanitizing shell eggs and is recommended for sanitizing stainless steel, red tile, ceramic tile, and plastic surfaces. It is a light yellow liquid, with a mild chlorine odor, and contains 12% sodium hypochlorite.

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Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite supplied by Brenntag Pte Ltd is an inorganic compound with white/grey powder appearance, having the formula Ca(OCl)2. Industrially it is produced by treating lime with chlorine gas. Calcium Hypochlorite commonly in the form of granular or tablet form used to sanitize swimming pools and disinfect drinking water. In the laboratory, calcium hypochlorite is used to manufacture chloroform. Buy Calcium Hypochlorite online from Brenntag Pte Ltd the best Calcium Hypochlorite supplier and trader at the best price and premium quality.

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Calsuds 81

Calsuds 81 is a completely balanced detergent base with excellent detergency, great grease cutting, emulsification, wetting, foaming, flash foam and handling properties.

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Calsuds A

Calsuds A is an anionic and nonionic concentrate which can be used as compounded with other ingredients. It imparts excellent detergency, oily and particulate soil removal, grease cutting and foaming characteristics.

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Calsuds CWC-2

Calsuds CWC-2 is a detergent blend with amphoteric, anionic and nonionic surfactants. It has excellent detergency and cleaning properties, is mild to the skin, and provides great foaming and viscosity response with salt.

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Carbonclean LT

Carbonclean LT is a non-corrosive, powerful solvent for removal of carbonaceous deposits. Carbonclean LT contains no chlorinated solvents or phenolic compounds and has low toxicity to the environment and to persons handling it.

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Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner is a soil extraction cleaner for use on a wide range of carpets. It is a low foaming with a unique surfactant system that leaves no residue that contributes to resoiling.

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Cell-R-Mastr is a powerful detergent blend to clean mashtuns, brew kettles, fermentors, heat exchangers, kegs, tap lines, etc. more quickly and effectively than caustic products. Ultra-rinsability leaves a perfect shine on any metal. Used for CIP or hand scrubbing to remove protein, oil and grease without the use of caustic products. Non-solvent, non-caustic, non-phenol.

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Cerium Oxide Industrial Grade 99.9%

Cerium oxide is faint brown powder or faint yellow powder of CaF2 structure, which is hard to melt. Common oxides of cerium is cerium(III) oxide and cerium dioxide. Cerium dioxide is most important and typical oxide of cerium. Cerium(III) oxide has hexagonal structure of rare earth sesquioxide, which is mainly for catalysts.

Cerium Oxide

CAS No.:1306-38-3 EINECS No.:215-150-4 Molecular Formula:CeO2 Molecular Weight:208.15
Melting Point:2400℃ Density:7.65    


Cerium dioxide is mainly for polishing agent of lens. Rare earth polishing powder get wide applications in polishing of  camera, teletube, spectecles glasses, which is also for glass industry.

In glass industry, cerium dioxide combine with titanium dioxide, which make glass show yellow. it use for glass decolorizing, which have high temperature stability, low cost and nonabsorption of visible light and other advantages. Additionally cerium(IV) oxide add into glass for building and automotive glass, which can reduce light transmittance of ultraviolet light.

Ceric dioxide is raw material for production of rare earth luminescent material. It use as activating agent in luminescent material rare earth trichromatic phosphor of energy saving lamp and fluorescent powder of indicator light and radiation detector.

Cerium(IV) oxide is raw material in ceramic glaze and electronic industry as infiltration agent of piezoelectric ceramics. It is also as sensitizer of semiconductor material, advanced pigment and photosensitive glass, purifier of automobile exhaust.

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