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Bi Tec 14

Bi Tec 14 is a balanced, general-purpose detergent powder with soaps, moderate alkalinity, buffering compounds and water-soluble solvents intended for walls, floors and equipment. Appropriate for all federally-inspected facilities when rinsed thoroughly with potable water after cleaning.


Birkodyne is an all purpose iodophor-based sanitizer that is safe for use on all surfaces including natural and synthetic rubbers, plastic, stainless, and aluminum. Registered with the E.P.A. for pre- and post-rinse sanitizing, shoe bath sanitizing, and for retort cooling water and poultry drinking water applications. Used as a post-rinse sanitizer and hand sanitizer at an iodophor concentration of 25 ppm.

Calsuds A

Calsuds A is an anionic and nonionic concentrate which can be used as compounded with other ingredients. It imparts excellent detergency, oily and particulate soil removal, grease cutting and foaming characteristics.

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Chameleon is a foam-generating additive for use with both alkaline and acid cleaners. This is the high-foaming surfactant, dispersant, chelant component of Birko’s on-site chemical blending system, AlloTresT.M.. Contains and alkaline indicator. Compatible with chlorinated cleaning products.


DG-100-CB is a biodegradable, non-caustic, water-based blend of nonionic detergents, solubilizers, chelators, penetrants and builders designed for specification cleaning of storage tank wall surfaces, pipelines, and equipment not affected by contact with water. Depending upon the degree of its dilution with water, DG-100-CB is an excellent general purpose cleaner and oil emulsifying degreaser. DG-100-CB is ideally suited for degassing and decontaminating barges, ships, tanks, vats and for all engine room maintenance.

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DI-SAN DF is a liquid, mildly acidic, non-foaming iodophor. It is scientifically blended to give quick, positive wetting, yet rapid “drain-off.” It is equally effective in hot or cold, hard or soft water. It has potent sanitizing properties without the need of heat because of its high content of bacteriological active iodine. Further it is phosphate free.

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DICA QUAT is a concentrated germicide for use in food processing plants. It is composed of anionic surface-active agents and phosphoric acid to provide strong germicidal action against a broad range of microorganisms including gram positive and gram-negative bacteria. DICA QUAT usage rate of just 1 ounce to 5 gallons of water provides a low pH that insures rapid bacterial kill while also removing water scale and other mineral buildup. It will leave stainless steel bright and shining.

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Degreaser is a pleasantly scented formula, used as a fast acting spray on/wipe off applications to remove dirt, grease, hand marks, inks, gum, and wax from vinyl, tiles, laminate, glass, metal and painted wood surfaces. Degreaser can also be used for cleaning upholstery in motor and marine vehicles.

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Dishkleen is a luxuriant fresh lemon scented dishwashing detergent specially formulated to be powerful and economical. Dishkleen is a bio-degradable detergent that also sanitises, leaving dishes, glassware, cutlery & cooking utensils sparkling clean.

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A low-foaming, iodine-based sanitizer ideal for CIP applications.

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