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Dishkleen is a luxuriant fresh lemon scented dishwashing detergent specially formulated to be powerful and economical. Dishkleen is a bio-degradable detergent that also sanitises, leaving dishes, glassware, cutlery & cooking utensils sparkling clean.

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A low-foaming, iodine-based sanitizer ideal for CIP applications.


EMAL. 30E is used in cleaning and sanitation.


Hydra-Dri is a leader with truckmount operators and portable users alike because it mixes up easily and cleans in warm or ultra hot water.

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K-SAN 125

K-SAN 125 is an economical and effective liquid sanitizer containing 12.5% hypochlorite solution. It is widely used for sanitizing applications in food processing, milk industry, farm premises and laundry facilities.

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LYSOL I.P is a general purpose disinfectant for use in all medical, veterinary and municipal, canteens, hotels, schools, colleges, cinema, halls, operation theatre application, prisons, ambulances and mortuaries.LYSOL I.P is ideal for sterilization of Surgical instruments.

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Liquik 10

Liquik 10 is a combination of mild alkalinity, surface-active agents and solvents. Provides a safe and effective blend for general-purpose cleaning. The synergy between the soap and solvent components provide powerful stripping for burned-on grease without high alkaline levels. Acceptable for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants as a general cleaning agent on all surfaces. Used in steam and mechanical cleaning equipment.

Liquik 20

Liquik 20 is a high-foaming, low alkaline detergent with solvents for maximum cleaning efficiency. Worker safe. Recommended for use in sanitation programs and as a truck and trailer wash. Acceptable in federally inspected facilities as a general-purpose cleaner for use on all surfaces.

Liquik 30

Liquik 30 is a moderately concentrated self-foaming, alkaline cleaner with solvents and rinse-aids. Compatible with any water system. Powerfully removes fats, greases and smoke from processing equipment. Synergistically improved when used in combination with sodium hypochlorite. A general purpose cleaning agent for all surfaces, to be followed by a potable water rinse.

Liquik 50

Liquik 50 is a Self-foaming, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner. Removes fats, proteins and soils instantly. Contains rinse-aids to leave bright, shiny surfaces. A general purpose cleaning agent for all surfaces or for use with steam or mechanical cleaning devices.

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