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It is formulated to provide a high degree of corrosion protection for cooling systems. It prevents engines from overheating and acts as a lubricant for the cooling system. It prevents caking, building up, sludging and the formation of scale. It is safe on rubber, seals, plastic, copper and steel.

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It is an alkaline-type detergent that emulsifies, absorbs and floats away the toughest of greases and oils. It penetrates gums and dyes. It is a highly effective hard surface cleaner that contains inhibitors to prevent corrosion on aluminium and ferrous surfaces.

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It is a highly concentrated solvent degreaser that contains rust inhibitor. It is widely used in shipyards and oil rigs for the degreasing of oil tanks, bilge and engine rooms. It is also used to clean heavy engine parts, blocks and other related components.

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It is a powerful liquid degreaser that avoids most of the risks common to powerful cleaners, and with anti-corrosion properties. It is non-explosive, and unlike petroleum, it can be heated without danger. It is free from fire risk and does not emit overpowering fumes.

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It is a water-based heavy-duty degreaser concentrate. It is specially formulated for cleaning and removing grime, greases, oils from industrial, food processing plants and edible oil tanks. It is fortified with premium corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash-rust on degreased metals.

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It is specially formulated to remove grime, greases and oils from industrial, food processing plants and edible oil tanks. It is fortified with premium corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash-rust on degreased metals. Can be used for cleaning manually, or with cleaning machines.

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It is a phosphoric acid based colourless free flowing compound. It dissolves rust, scale and oxide deposits while conditioning metal surfaces for subsequent coating application. It can be used on carbon, galvanized and aluminized steels.

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It is a blend of mineral acid, surfactants and inhibitors designed to remove rust, heat treatment scale and welding scale from ferrous metals. It also effectively removes hard water deposits. It loosens rust-frozen parts quickly, effectively and safely. It is non-flammable.

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It is a powerful rust, stain and scale remover. It removes rust and scale easily from boiler covers, water and steam meters, outdoor storage tanks, stationary parts or other metal equipment. It dissolves corrosion and leave the exposed surface perfectly clean for repainting or re-treating.

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It is specially developed for cleaning stubborn stains on aluminium surfaces and glass surfaces of trains, boats, aircraft and buses. It will not affect the quality of silicon sealant, rubbers, gangway pleats and glass.

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