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It is a powerful rust, stain and scale remover. It removes rust and scale easily from boiler covers, water and steam meters, outdoor storage tanks, stationary parts or other metal equipment. It dissolves corrosion and leave the exposed surface perfectly clean for repainting or re-treating.

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It is specially developed for cleaning stubborn stains on aluminium surfaces and glass surfaces of trains, boats, aircraft and buses. It will not affect the quality of silicon sealant, rubbers, gangway pleats and glass.

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It is a highly concentrated water-based heavy duty industrial decarbonizer. It is specially formulated to remove stubborn carbon deposits, thick grease from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It may be used for removing thick, dry carbon and gummy greases.

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It is a non-corrosive, non-flammable heavy duty industrial paint stripper specially formulated for removing all types of paint. It is safe on all metals and will not cause embrittlement of high strength steels. Once treatment is ended, the unwanted paint is easily removed by rinsing with water jet and brushing.

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It is a heavy-duty industrial varnish remover for removing all types of paint. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable and does not contain any phenolic activators. It is used in the aeronautical industry, marine and other heavy industries for removing all types of paint.

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It is a highly concentrated general purpose cleaner and light degreaser. It will not strip, remove or dull detergent resistant metal complex floor finishes or other surfaces. It penetrates soil easily without leaving behind any residue.

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Magna 230 will not strip, remove or dull detergent resistant metal complex floor finishes or other surfaces. Does not leave any residue behind. Widely used for manual washing of cars and trucks. It removes grease build-ups on pots, pans, glassware, dishes and silver.

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It is composed of amine salts of organic acids. It is a low foaming surface agent, which is extremely effective in inhibiting attack of ferrous metals by aqueous solutions. It is biodegradable.

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It is a clear blue cleaner for windows, mirrors, porcelain, chrome surfaces and glazed tiles. It holds impurities in the cleaning solution so that they can be easily wiped away. It does not produce scum when used in hard water, leaving a lustrous dust-free surface.

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It is a new concept heavy duty industrial brick and masonry cleaner that employs a combination of inhibited organic acids and powerful cleaning agents. Works instantly to remove mineral deposits, scale, lime, metal corrosion, scum and excess mortar. Does not affect metals.

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