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Magna 270 removes stains commonly found on masonry surface instantly and effectively, yet maintaining the original design of flooring. It is economical, easy to use, highly concentrated and non-flammable.

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It is specially designed to remove stains and grime and yet does not affect anti-static flooring. It is highly concentrated and may be diluted with water. This cleaning compound can be used for all types of flooring.

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It is a concentrated general purpose disinfectant, combining powerful broad spectrum of germicidal capabilities with the pleasant residual aroma of fresh flora. It is used in hospitals, convalescent homes, office complexes, hotels, restaurants and toilet blocks.

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Magna 320 disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one operation. It contains quaternary ammonium salts, the germ killer that lasts for days. It effectively deodorizes areas with unpleasant odours produced by tobacco, cooking, garbage disposal, pet’s waste or other organic decomposition.

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Magna 321 is specially developed to retard/ combat mould growth on leather, wood, carpet, air condition ducts in the living quarters onboard ships and rigs whereby relative humidity is extremely high.

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Magna 340 Pine Disinfectant is a natural product and does not contain synthetic ingredients such as chlorinated phenols. It is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive and therefore it will not negatively affect metal, cloth or emulsions.

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Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes effectively without leaving the unpleasant after-odour which is usually associated with disinfectants currently on the market. Its mint odour absorbs and dispels objectionable odours and its powerful germicidal action destroys the decaying bacteria, which cause foul odours.

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It is a heavy-duty alkaline wax remover. It removes all types of wax from floors, whether mineral wax, metal complex finishes, self-polishing waxes and even the waterproof types.

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It is a remarkable detergent resistant floor polish. It has a high resistance to scuffing, black marking and scratching. May be used safely and economically on asphalt, rubber, vinyl, seal cork, linoleum, terrazzo and cement.

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It is formulated for use with steam cleaning or direct application. It provides deep chemical penetration into carpet, fast soil expansion and suspension. It is efficient against a broad spectrum of soil types.

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