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CINCH is a sachet packed pine based multi-purpose detergent concentrated with sanitizing properties. It cleans and deodorizes in one operation, contains no harsh alkali or abrasive and will not scratch or stain. CINCH leaves a fresh pine aroma after use. CINCH leaves a fresh pine aroma after use. CINCH will clean most hard surfaces including work tops, walls, floors and paintwork. It is particularly suitable for use in schools, hospitals, public buildings, public service vehicles, public halls, meeting places and ambulances.

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DG-44 is an alkaline, water-based degreaser formulated from nonionic surfactants, chelators and penetrants, designed for general cleaning of all types of surfaces that are not affected by water. DG-44 is an excellent oil emulsifying degreaser with strengths varying with the degree of dilution with water. DG-44 is excellent for degreasing and decontaminating barges, ships, vats and all engine room maintenance, truck bodies and engines, and trailers.

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DG-92 is a biodegradable, non-caustic, water-based blend of nonionic detergents, solubilizers, chelators, penetrants and builders designed for general cleaning of all surfaces not affected by water. Depending upon the degree of its dilution with water, DG-92 is an excellent cleaner and oil emulsifying degreaser. DG-92 is ideally suited for degassing and decontaminating barges, ships, tanks, vats and for all engine room maintenance.

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MC 50

Neutral detergent for general purpose use. May be used as a floor cleaner for waxed and epoxy floors. Good for general cleaning of machine shops.

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Quake is excellent for emulsifying heavy grease and oil soils commonly found in restaurants, apartments, and restoration cleaning jobs.

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Tigre is the backbone of Birko's unique two-product trolley cleaning system. Provides the alkalinity, wetting, defoaming and scale control in trolley cleaning operations. Suitable for both batch and continuous trolley cleaning operations.

Z 500

A powdered tumbling compound with excellent burnishing capabilities; may be used in vibratory, conventional barrel, or new high speed mass finishing operations; especially effective on zinc; medium foaming compound; environmentally friendly.

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AC 545

AC 545 is a blended acidic cleaner and brightener designed for removing tough mineral films, water hardness stone and other inorganic soils from equipment, utensils, and most other surfaces in meat, rendering, seafood and poultry processing operations. AC 545, when used as directed, is safe to use on stainless steel, concrete, quarry and ceramic tile, and plastic surfaces. It is a clear liquid formulated with inorganic acid, organic acid, and biodegradable wetting and penetrating agents.

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AC-140 is an aqueous blend of acid, detergent, inhibitors and water soluble solvents designed to rapidly clean equipment contaminated by water and scale deposits. AC-140 is recommended for acidizing process equipment by circulating engineered dilutions using acid resistant pumps and related equipment.

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Mildly alkaline tumbling compound that will enhance the cut and debur when added to vibratory or conventional tumbling operations; medium aggressive cutting compound that yields good surface finish RMS; usually used in batch operation; fast deburring cycles; good cleaning capabilities; allows the use of less aggressive preformed tumbling media; easy to use. Powder, 400 lb. drum.

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