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It is used for the clarification of potable and industrial raw waters, often used in conjunction with inorganics such as alum. It is economical, works over a wide pH range and does not alter pH in the system. Larger, faster-settling flocs are formed in gravity settling operations. It increases filtration rates and drier cakes are produced.

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It removes turbidity and colour from water flocculation / coagulation process. It strongly coagulates colloids or suspension in water to produce big flocs, which settle down rapidly. Its performance is far superior to that of conventional flocculants.

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Magna 550 is an inhibited acid-based liquid descaler for removing mill scale, boiler scale, rust, oxides, etc. It is suitable for cleaning boilers, condensers, evaporators, butterworth heaters, cooling systems, heat exchangers, pipe systems, etc. Usage is easy as no pre-mixing is required.

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This is a highly effective liquid corrosion inhibitor for all common ferrous and non-ferrous metals, used to prevent deposits in closed and opened loop cooling systems. It is compatible with anti-freeze products based on mono ethylene glycol. This liquid does not attack non-ferrous metals like aluminium, zinc or galvanised materials.

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Excellent corrosion inhibitor properties for copper and its alloy. Excellent scale inhibitors, improve calcium carbonate scale inhibition.

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It is a non-toxic environment friendly anti-corrosion liquid that forms a thin protective film on all internal surfaces to inhibit corrosion caused by dissolved oxygen. Designed for use in all common types of engine systems.

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It will stabilize the hardness salts present in the feed water. It will hydrolyse in the boiler to form orthophosphates. Contains polyelectrolytes that protect the boiler against corrosion due to chlorides, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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Magna 581 minimizes oxygen corrosion and prevents formation of red iron oxide on interior surfaces. Oxygen control can be used for all boiler systems, from low to high pressures and in conjunction with mechanical de-aeration systems.

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It is a liquid boiler feedwater treatment chemical with the ability to control scale via interference with crystal growth, corrosion via oxygen removal and the formation of an iron tannate film, caustic cracking and the tendency to prime.

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Cleans and treats boiler system with excellent scale inhibition properties. Provides multi-metal protection and exhibits excellent thermal chemical stability.

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