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It is a lightly scented hand shampoo which contains a high percentage of active solids for rich lasting lather, quick wetting and absorption of all types of dirt and grease. It is blended with disinfectants and emollients, which act as a skin softener and prevents skin from drying.

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It is a non-sticky, effective, easy-to-apply skin protection cream. It retains the skin’s natural moisture and allows skin to breathe. Is anti-bacterial, provides protection that lasts 4-6 hours, even with frequent washing.

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Magna 702, also a combustion improver, is fortified with bactericide. It contains special surface-active additives with strong sludge dispersant effects, which break up emulsions. Prevents formation of sludge in tanks, and disperses existing sludge.

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Magna 703 is designed to combat fireside deposits of vanadium, sodium and sulphur. It is an effective combustion catalyst which functions by providing the fastest possible reaction time of the air fuel mixtures ensuring that complete combustion is achieved in the shortest time.

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Magna 705 prevents problems such as sludge formation, corrosion, blockage of filters and pipes caused by micro-organisms in diesel fuels. It provides excellent control of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria and fungi. It kills a wide spectrum of microbiological growth in fuel system, does not require multiple products.

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Magna 706 Fuelite fuel oil additive is an effective combustion catalyst, prevents slag deposition, high temperature corrosion, low temperature corrosion and decreases air pollution. It minimizes soot, fly ash, and intermediate combustion products and unburned particulate matter.

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Magna 707 is a red free flowing liquid, specially developed to combat water bacteria, vanadium, sodium, carbon deposit and sludge. It couples water and heavy fuel to form a homogenous solution. The result is total combustion with less carbon emission, enhanced fuel efficiency, a cleaner environment and extended maintenance interval.

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MC 201 LF

Neutral detergent for use in spray wash systems on ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum; water-based cleaner; biodegradable; neutral pH; features excellent rinse-ability.

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MC 335 LF

A heavy-duty silicate-free degreaser for use in spray wash systems. Safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals including aluminum.

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MC 383 LF

High alkaline vibratory cleaner.

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