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It will stabilize the hardness salts present in the feed water. It will hydrolyse in the boiler to form orthophosphates. Contains polyelectrolytes that protect the boiler against corrosion due to chlorides, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

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Magna 581 minimizes oxygen corrosion and prevents formation of red iron oxide on interior surfaces. Oxygen control can be used for all boiler systems, from low to high pressures and in conjunction with mechanical de-aeration systems.

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It is a liquid boiler feedwater treatment chemical with the ability to control scale via interference with crystal growth, corrosion via oxygen removal and the formation of an iron tannate film, caustic cracking and the tendency to prime.

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Cleans and treats boiler system with excellent scale inhibition properties. Provides multi-metal protection and exhibits excellent thermal chemical stability.

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Synergistic neutralising amines and corrosion inhibitor for control and condensate pH. Designed to control corrosion in condensate system by providing correction of pH levels in the condensate throughout the system.

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Oxygen Scavenger, corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor, developed for use in food industries and hospitals. Made from food preservative ingredients. Safe for use in boiler steam systems in food industries and hospitals.

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It is used to prevent scale deposition and foaming in high and low evaporators. It is a liquid combination of synthetic polymers with a highly effective anti-foam agent and sequestering agents.

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Magna 591 is formulated to combat harmful bacteria in cooling water systems including those causing common cold and other respiratory ailments such as Legionella and acanthamoeba. It is non / low foaming, low detergency, low in toxicity and safe on metals.

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It is a lightly scented hand shampoo which contains a high percentage of active solids for rich lasting lather, quick wetting and absorption of all types of dirt and grease. It is blended with disinfectants and emollients, which act as a skin softener and prevents skin from drying.

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It is a non-sticky, effective, easy-to-apply skin protection cream. It retains the skin’s natural moisture and allows skin to breathe. Is anti-bacterial, provides protection that lasts 4-6 hours, even with frequent washing.

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