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MC 660 LF

A controlled, low foam, heavy-duty detergent for use in spray wash applications. Contains no chelants, glycol ethers, or other solvents. Has an in-process corrosion inhibitor. Free rinsing and can be filtered to extend bath life.

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Magna 21B

Magna 21B cuts greasy soil and dust effortlessly. It is highly concentrated, easy to apply, phosphate-free and biodegradable. Use it for cleaning food processing plants, ship’s galley, kitchen utensils, dishes and glassware.

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Perasan A

Perasan A is a top of the line sanitizer for a variety of applications. It pairs highly effective antimicrobial properties with a very favorable environmental profile. It is ideal for food contact surface sanitation, is non-corrosive to stainless steel, and has no harmful disinfection by-products. It has a broad spectrum microbial kill and the product is slightly acid and safe on soft metal surfaces.

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Rinse Out

Rinse Out is an anti-corrosion inhibitor used in cleaning and sanitation.

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SULFONAX. is used in cleaning and sanitation.


Sant-Acid is a multipurpose acid cleaner, including phosphoric acid, and containing surfactants and rinse aids to neutralize soaps, remove hard water scale and rust. Imparts a shine to stainless steel.

Su Tec FG

Su Tec FG is a effective self-foaming alkaline multiple-application cleaner. Use to clean surfaces with extremely high soil loads such as smokehouses. Effective on both fats and proteinacious soils. A heavy-duty general cleaner for all surfaces.


AGMASOL PS is a highly refined hydrocarbon based solvent degreaser. It is has low odor and a high flash point. It is intended to replace solvents like paraffin and mineral spirit which smell unpleasant and cause discomfort to workers. Its low evaporation losses make it ideal for dip or soak tank operations, manual degreasing and spray applications.

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AGMASOL PT is similar to PS40 chemically though with a slightly higher flash point and thus a lower evaporation rate.

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