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Sant-Acid is a multipurpose acid cleaner, including phosphoric acid, and containing surfactants and rinse aids to neutralize soaps, remove hard water scale and rust. Imparts a shine to stainless steel.

Su Tec FG

Su Tec FG is a effective self-foaming alkaline multiple-application cleaner. Use to clean surfaces with extremely high soil loads such as smokehouses. Effective on both fats and proteinacious soils. A heavy-duty general cleaner for all surfaces.


AGMASOL PS is a highly refined hydrocarbon based solvent degreaser. It is has low odor and a high flash point. It is intended to replace solvents like paraffin and mineral spirit which smell unpleasant and cause discomfort to workers. Its low evaporation losses make it ideal for dip or soak tank operations, manual degreasing and spray applications.

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AGMASOL PT is similar to PS40 chemically though with a slightly higher flash point and thus a lower evaporation rate.

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AMINOL KDE is used in cleaning and sanitation.

Ac Tec 100

A heavy duty cleaner containing hydrochloric acid, metal corrosion inhibitors and surfactants for removing blood protein, water scale and carbonaceous soils from floors, walls and stainless steel. Follow use with a potable water rinse.


A self-foaming, general purpose, acid/anionic surfactant cleaner. Helps remove and prevent scaling problems when used as a final rinse. Used for tanks, vats, lines, tubs, kegs and floors. Can be used with foamers and sprayers.


BLUE MAGIC concentrate is a non-ammoniated glass cleaner that can be diluted with up to 10 parts of water. It cleans glass, porcelain, tile and vinyl, removes grease, grime, oil, ink, lipstick, dirt, road film and mud.

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Bi Tec 55H

Bi Tec 55H is a mildly alkaline, general-purpose cleaner containing quaternary ammonium chloride surfactants. The quat is present at 1.6% and when diluted to 50:1 for use delivers 320 ppm active quat to the application. Mild and safe for use on most equipment including aluminum and galvanized, floors, walls, rubber and neoprene (boots, tires, aprons, etc.) and plastics. Ideal for personal equipment, locker rooms and as a janitorial cleaner.

Bi Tec 77H

Bi Tec 77H is a powdered alkaline formula designed for use as a medium-duty, self-foaming, enzymatic general-purpose cleaner. Use in the laundry and for cleaning all equipment in all departments when followed by a potable water rinse. Contains detergents, enzyme, water conditioners and non-caustic alkaline builders. Safe on soft metals.

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