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GALV CLEAN is a blend of gentle acid, detergents and cleaners designed to clean galvanized steel. A unique detergent action is gentle yet strong enough to remove oxidation, salt water corrosion and carbon deposits. GALV CLEAN can be applied with a brush or sprayer on wet surfaces.

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Grease Cut

Grease Cut is a pine scented, heavy duty alkaline laundry powder for the laundering of mechanics and riggers overalls.

Liquik 100

Liquik 100 is a powerful, low-foaming, heavy-duty alkaline cleaner for removing fats, protein and other soils instantly. Rinses well. Leaves surfaces bright and shining. Appropriate as a general-purpose cleaning agent for use in steam or mechanical cleaning equipment. Rinse with potable water after use.

Liquik 250

Liquik 250 is a strong alkaline liquid blend of detergents and chelating agents appropriate for federally inspected meat and poultry plants for use in soak tanks or with steam or mechanical cleaning equipment. Excellent for CIP systems.


It is a highly concentrated solvent degreaser that contains rust inhibitor. It can be applied by spraying, wiping or, if necessary, immersing machinery parts in it to soften the grease. Its low toxicity will not harm operational personnel or marine life.

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MAGNA 1100

It is designed to disperse oil spills rapidly both on land and sea. Removes oil spills in harbours, seaports and other naval facilities, in the vicinity of offshore drilling platforms and decks, and along coastlines. May be used as a cleaner on deck.

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MAGNA 1109

Magna 1109 Electrical Cleaner is a fast acting and non-corrosive solvent for cleaning and degreasing of oil, dirt, grease and grime on electrical parts and equipment. It is fast drying and non-flammable. It is non-conductive and replaces the toxic and highly flammable solvents like naptha and trichloroethylene.

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MAGNA 1114

Magna 1114 is a powerful blend of quick acting super-penetrating solvents. It actually loosens rust and corrosion almost instantly. It will free any part frozen by rust, corrosion, scale, paint, varnish, carbon or gum in amazingly quick time. It ensures continued lubrication of freed parts.

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MAGNA 1120

Magna 1120 Belt Dressing is specially developed to prevent slippage of all types of flat, round, or v-belts, used in compressors, pumps, conveyors, fans, automotive and farm equipment. It stops squeaks and squeals in pulleys.

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MAGNA 1121

Magna 1121 Super Anti-Mold Spray is a powerful disinfectant against a broad spectrum of bacteria. It retards / combat mould growth on leather, wood, carpet, air condition ducts in the living quarters on board ships and rigs where relative humidity is extremely high.

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