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ACP-50 is the genuine industrial cleaner formulated to remove heavy accumulations of grease and grime. It is a concentrated and can be diluted to perform many different cleaning jobs such as to clean walls, floors, forklifts, automotive engines, vinyl surfaces, painted surfaces and more.

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BC 200

Near neutral pH tumbling compound with excellent burnishing capabilities; may be used in vibratory, conventional barrel, or new high speed mass finishing operations; expecially effective on copper and brass base metals; medium foaming compound can be used in either batch or continuous tumbling systems; environmentally friendly.

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CSS-12 is a versatile, concentrated, non-foaming liquid chlorinated sanitizer. It may be used in spray, soak or circulation sanitizing operations of equipment and related hard surfaces in most areas of meat, poultry and seafood operations. It may also be used for sanitizing shell eggs and is recommended for sanitizing stainless steel, red tile, ceramic tile, and plastic surfaces. It is a light yellow liquid, with a mild chlorine odor, and contains 12% sodium hypochlorite.

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Clezee is a pink liquid detergent, for spray on/wipe off applications to remove dirt, grease, hand marks, inks, gum, and wax from vinyl, tiles, glass, metal and painted wood surfaces. Clezee is ideal for cleaning upholstery in motor and marine vehicles.

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DG-100 is a biodegradable, non-caustic, water-based blend of nonionic detergents, solubilizers, chelators, penetrants and builders designed for specification cleaning of storage tank wall surfaces, pipelines, and equipment not affected by contact with water. Depending upon the degree of its dilution with water, DG-100 is an excellent general purpose cleaner and oil emulsifying degreaser. DG-100 is ideally suited for degassing and decontaminating barges, ships, tanks, vats and for all engine room maintenance. DG-100 is highly concentrated and should be diluted with water for best results. Industry standard application equipment can be used to apply product in concentrate or diluted form.

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DG-88C is an effective, highly concentrated, biodegradable, water-soluble cleaner / degreaser. DG-88C was developed as total maintenance product for general industry and as a Steam Cleaner Additive. DG-88C contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons, no petroleum distillates and very little free caustic.DG-88C should be diluted and sprayed onto surface, allowed to penetrate and then hosed off with water pressure. It may also be applied with a rag, sponge or mop.


DG-HCF is a water-based blend of nonionic surfactants and solvents formulated for cleaning of vegetable and animal oils and fats from zinc-silicate coated tanks. DG-HCF is an excellent oil emulsifying degreaser with strengths varying with the degree of dilution with water. DG-HCF is suitable for degreasing and decontaminating zinc-silicate coated tanks in barges, ships, or holding vats. DG-HCF is non-toxic, does not contain any EPA rated hazardous ingredients. DG-HCF is easily rinsed with water leaving no residue.

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A dry, highly alkaline, granular product with high sequestering ability and high surfactants. Used on ferrous metals only. Excellent smut removal, high conductivity, excellent buffing and polishing compounds, good oil removal and oil suspension properties, packaged as a dry product for easiest and most economical shipping, storage, and handling.

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Highly alkaline liquid soak and electro-cleaner for ferrous metals, copper, and copper plated work. Formulated to be free rinsing, high conductivity (62mS/cm @ 5%) and low foam. Will remove a variety of soils including oils, greases, and lubricants. May be used as a spray cleaner and will also keep plating barrels and other equipment clean and free of oils.

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ECO-44 is a water soluble, highly rinsable combination of mild natural detergents, citrus oils, and inorganic builders that work extremely well in fresh or brine water. The balanced emulsification system and neutral pH are ideally suited for degreasing tanks and barges before welding or personnel entry. ECO-44 is very mild and may be used on any surface not affected by water. The emulsification properties and neutral pH of ECO-44 make it an ideal degreaser and dispersant. ECO-44 may be applied by mop, brush or spray.

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