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Antifoam SD

Antifoam SD is a milky white general purpose foam control additive.It is designed specifically for the control of foaming problems in aqueous systems.

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Ardrox 120F

Ardrox 120F is a heavy duty, water dilutable emulsion cleaner for removal of oils, greases, carbonaceous deposits and other solvent soluble soils.

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Bi Tec 1000

Bi Tec 1000 is a powerfully alkaline cleaner containing a small amount of detergents, but loaded with chelating agents to remove metal oxides from surfaces. Designed for treating edible beef feet, but found to be ideally suited for boil-outs, smokehouses and for pan and mold washing. Can be used in steam cleaning equipment.

Bi Tec 99AC

Bi Tec 99AC is a multi-functional acid mixture that contains a gel to hold it in place while the chemical cleans the metal surface. Use on equipment, walls and floors to remove protein, scale and rust. “Inhibited“ to minimize corrosion on a variety of metal surfaces. Rinse with potable water.


CELLESH 100 is used as chelating agent in liquid detergents.


CELLESH 200 is used in cleaning and sanitation.It causes dispersing of calcium and magnesium carbonates in low phosphate detergents.


CHLORINE 60 is a concentrated chlorine type sanitizer effective for general disinfecting and deodorizing. CHLORINE 60 can be used as a sanitizer for glassware and dishes, bathrooms, and any area needing sanitary conditions. CHLORINE 60 is effective as a chlorine additive for cleaning white and linen fabrics.

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Chelate 24L

Chelate 24L is a liquid cleaner mixture containing phosphoric acid, detergents and meal corrosion inhibitors. Excellent for removing protein, hard water scale and other salt contaminants.

Cir Tec 991

Cir Tec 991 is a powerful alkaline cleaner used to remove heavy soils and metal oxides form surfaces. Ideally suited for cleaning edible rendering and other CIP systems, boil-outs, smokehouses, and pan and mold washing. Can be used with steam cleaning equipment.

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