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Dinochlorine is having rapid disinfection, long-term and hardness stability. It is specially developed to DIN for trouble-free operation of automatic measuring and control systems both private and public.


Formaldehyde is the good electrophile and simplest aldehyde. The organic compound has the formula CH2O. Industrially formaldehyde produced by the catalytic oxidation of methanol. Formaldehyde used as a precursor to other organic compounds, resins, urea formaldehyde resins, and automobile materials. Nikava Pharmaceutical Industries supplies Formaldehyde which is an important precursor to many other chemical compounds, especially for polymers. Nikava Pharmaceutical Industries supplies premium quality drug intermediates, specialty chemicals, industrial chemicals, and laboratory chemicals. Buy Formaldehyde online from the best Formaldehyde supplier offering chemicals assured quality.


Gamazyme BTC

Gamazyme BTC is a unique biological active liquid formulation containing specialised bacterial strains, biodegradable low foaming chemical cleaners and anti foam agents.Gamazyme BTC effectively cleans the toilets and doses millions of selected safe bacteria into the sanitary system.Gamazyme BTC cleans more thoroughly and deeply compared to conventional cleaning products.

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Gamazyme DPC

Gamazyme DPC is a concentrated biologically active powder formulation containing a blend of patented bacterial strains, specifically developed to deal with sewage wastes. It is packed as water soluble sachets (Solupac).Gamazyme DPC is formulated to degrade excess residual organic waste products causing blockage, or slow draining in sinks, showers, scuppers, drains, etc.Gamazyme DPC will greatly enhance the biological activity breaking down solids and removing obnoxious odours which can vent back through the systems.

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Gamazyme MSC

Gamazyme MSC is a unique biologically active liquid formulation containing specialised bacterial strains and biodegradable chemical cleaners. It replaces harsh cleaners which often require haz-chem labelling and may be hazardous to the user and the environment.Gamazyme MSC is effective in cleaning or removing organic residues from hard and soft surfaces, such as urine, dog faeces, food, milk, chocolate syrup, tomato sauce, etc.

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K-KLEEN 1000

K-KLEEN 1000 is a liquid, heavy duty, highly alkaline smokehouse cleaner designed to clean grease and carbon buildup from floors and walls of smokehouses as well as provide excellent cleaning of fans and duct work. It contains inorganic builders and sequestrants to furnish alkalinity, deflocculation, soil suspension, emulsification and chelation. The surfactant system was designed to achieve wetting, emulsification and detergency. Emphasis has been placed on rapid emulsification, a desirable property when cleaning smokehouses. It is completely biodegradable and poses no pollution problems.

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KemClean 001

Kemclean-001 is a powerful solvent emulsion cleaner used by spray application to remove heavy oil grease or any foreign contamination on the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It can be used by hand application also. It converts oils and grease into a material which can be dragged out with fresh water or chemical solution jet.

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LUKOCIDE-DTC is a dithiocarbamate base mill sanitation chemical. It is a specially designed formulation for high performance dithio-carbamates. It is highly effective against all types of microorganism found in cane juice, including seine producing bacteria and yeasts. It effectively arrests the microbial sucrose inversion and controls the production of polymers in the cane juice and improves the sugar quality.

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MAGNA 1100-C

This super emulsifier accelerates rapid dispersion of oil into milky white residues. This is a premium product for fighting oil pollution at sea. It may be used as a cleaner on deck too. Low toxicity and non-corrosive on metals.

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Miraclean SG

Ready-to-use, neutral cleaner designed for removal of light machining oils and dirt. Miraclean SG is ideal for cleaning walls, floors, and the exterior surfaces of production equipment. It is multi-metal safe.

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