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KemClean 001

Kemclean-001 is a powerful solvent emulsion cleaner used by spray application to remove heavy oil grease or any foreign contamination on the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It can be used by hand application also. It converts oils and grease into a material which can be dragged out with fresh water or chemical solution jet.

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LUKOCIDE-DTC is a dithiocarbamate base mill sanitation chemical. It is a specially designed formulation for high performance dithio-carbamates. It is highly effective against all types of microorganism found in cane juice, including seine producing bacteria and yeasts. It effectively arrests the microbial sucrose inversion and controls the production of polymers in the cane juice and improves the sugar quality.

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MAGNA 1100-C

This super emulsifier accelerates rapid dispersion of oil into milky white residues. This is a premium product for fighting oil pollution at sea. It may be used as a cleaner on deck too. Low toxicity and non-corrosive on metals.

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Miraclean SG

Ready-to-use, neutral cleaner designed for removal of light machining oils and dirt. Miraclean SG is ideal for cleaning walls, floors, and the exterior surfaces of production equipment. It is multi-metal safe.

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Mirasonic 90

Heavy-duty detergent for use in soak and ultrasonic cleaning systems to remove buffing, lapping, and drawing compounds; may also be used for removal of general machine oils. It provides in-process corrosion protection and is safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Nitromethane is an organic compound. It is a slightly viscous, highly polar liquid commonly used as a solvent in a variety of industrial applications such as in extractions, as a reaction medium, and as a cleaning solvent. As an intermediate in organic synthesis, it is used widely in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fibers, and coatings. It is also used as a racing fuel in Top Fuel drag racing, and as an important component in the fuel for the miniature internal combustion engines used, for example, in radio-controlled models.

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OXIDET. DM-4 is used in cleaning and sanitation.


OXIDET. L-75 is used in cleaning and sanitation.

Pilot SXS-40

Pilot SXS-40 is a widely-used hydrotrope in many HI&I applications; effectively reducing viscosity, increasing solubility and improving clarity. It imparts dispersing and coupling properties in many formulations and will not impart any considerable detergency.

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Pilot SXS-96

Pilot SXS-96 effectively reduces viscosity, increases solubility and improves clarity. It has especially good anti-caking properties for dry compounded formulations and will not impart any considerable detergency.

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