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Mirasonic 90

Heavy-duty detergent for use in soak and ultrasonic cleaning systems to remove buffing, lapping, and drawing compounds; may also be used for removal of general machine oils. It provides in-process corrosion protection and is safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Nitromethane is an organic compound. It is a slightly viscous, highly polar liquid commonly used as a solvent in a variety of industrial applications such as in extractions, as a reaction medium, and as a cleaning solvent. As an intermediate in organic synthesis, it is used widely in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fibers, and coatings. It is also used as a racing fuel in Top Fuel drag racing, and as an important component in the fuel for the miniature internal combustion engines used, for example, in radio-controlled models.

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OXIDET. DM-4 is used in cleaning and sanitation.


OXIDET. L-75 is used in cleaning and sanitation.

Pilot SXS-40

Pilot SXS-40 is a widely-used hydrotrope in many HI&I applications; effectively reducing viscosity, increasing solubility and improving clarity. It imparts dispersing and coupling properties in many formulations and will not impart any considerable detergency.

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Pilot SXS-96

Pilot SXS-96 effectively reduces viscosity, increases solubility and improves clarity. It has especially good anti-caking properties for dry compounded formulations and will not impart any considerable detergency.

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Slip-Coat WR is a liquid, water based product specially formulated to leave a temporary water resistant film on cargo hold surfaces. Slip-Coat WR is safe to the environment and to the personnel handling it, and will not contaminant the cargo. It is non-corrosive and safe on all coatings.

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SPEC SOL 143 is a blend of aliphatic solvents specifically formulated for heavy grease removal from machined metallic parts. SPEC SOL 143 is excellent in recirculation parts washers as it readily separates from water contamination. SPEC SOL 143 should be used as received. SPEC SOL 143 can be disposed as waste oil in accordance with local EPA regulations.

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Shine-a-Line is a phosphoric acid cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and rinse aids to neutralize soaps, remove hard water scale and rust. Imparts a shine to CIP and other stainless steel equipment. Use alone, diluted with water or with a foam generator. Acceptable in federally inspected meat and poultry plants as an acid cleaner for use in all departments.

Super Alkali

Super Alkali is a powerfully alkaline cleaner containing small amounts of detergents, but with chelating agents to remove metal oxides from work surfaces. Designed as a CIP cleaner for edible rendering systems, but found suitable for boil-outs, smokehouses and for pan and mold washing.

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