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Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric acid is the cyclic trimer of the elusive species cyanic acid. It finds use as a precursor or a component of bleaches, disinfectants, and herbicides. It is mainly used as a precursor to N-chlorinated cyanurates, which are used to disinfect water. These N-chloro compounds serve as disinfectants and algicides for swimming pool water. It stabilizes the chlorine in the pool and prevents the chlorine from being quickly consumed by sunlight. Because of their trifunctionality, CYA is a precursor to crosslinking agents, especially for polyurethane resins.

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DANOX. LF-102 is used in cleaning and sanitation.


DANOX. TLK-24 is used in cleaning and sanitation.


Deck Clean NP is a liquid cleaning formulation containing acids, emulsifiers and passivators used for removal of rust and water born stains on super structureand on decks. Deck Clean NP is free of phosphoric acid and is readily biodegradable.

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DYNASPEC 5000 are selected dry bacteria cultures that utilize only non-living organic matter as food sources and can be added to cleaning solutions or directly in soil or water to aid in degradation of oil and grease. These selected bacteria cultures are fully activated and ready-to-use after a four-hour pre-soak period.

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DeCarb Powder

DeCarb Powder is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner formulated for use in cleaning heavily soiled equipment and pipelines and food-borne soils. It is used in pipelines, deep fat fryers, boil out, spray, soak and CIP operations where carbon, heavy burn-on, grease, oil and fat must be removed. The surfactants in DeCarb quickly suspend and emulsify greasy/oily soils. Water conditioners and rinse agents in DeCarb provide clean and shiny surfaces.

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EMAL. 270 D/B

EMAL. 270 D/B is used in cleaning and sanitation.


Electrosolv-E is a non-chlorinated solvent with a controlled evaporation rate, for cleaning and degreasing electrical equipment. It contains no chlorinated solvents.

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FINDET .10/15

FINDET .10/15 is used in cleaning and sanitation.

FINDET. 10/18

FINDET. 10/18 is used in cleaning and sanitation.

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